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Let’s dive into the world of female skateboarding and delve into the realm of the female long boarder.

Let’s begin to take a look at the women of the skating world and explore the many ways that these women are taking not only the media by surprise, but the world by storm.

You see these women, most commonly found wearing leathers from head to toe, protective pads, slide gloves covering delicate hands and holding their boards close to their hearts, these are the women taking longboarding to the next level and incorporating their very own twist of the skating world. It’s these women who add sass, class, empowerment, style, charisma and charm to the skateboard scene. So, let’s enter the world, of the female longboarder and discover the many strings to her bow, or should I say, the many layers of ply to her longboard!  

From the 1950’s when skateboarding was born in California and began its uphill climb. By the 60’s skating was adapted by more and more people. Most surfers by this stage had taken up skateboarding as an extension to their surfing, when the waves were non-existent, surfers would grab a board and pursue their skills of wave riding and transform them to riding the concrete waves. It was then in the 70’s that the Zephyr skate team, involving the world class skate legends such as Jay Alva, Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva, that the skating world began to get increasingly excited.

By 1975 the Zephyr team had won a vast amount of competitions and were creating skating history. Now, if you look at the Zephyr team, we see that there was in fact one female member. Peggy Oki,  a female American skateboarder and surfer, as well as an artist and environmental activist. Peggy was the only female skater in the team and held a strong stand for the women competing with the team in world class competitions.

However Peggy was an understated female skater and was simply classed as ‘one of the lads’, yet if we look at female skateboarders today, they really are a class of their own. Female boarders to the present day are far more outspoken and stronger with regards to pursing the feminist role in skating.  

Hey! I skate! I’m a female skater!

Let’s take a look at the female boarder and the many attributes in today society that she pursues. Ok, so it’s no surprise when I say this, when there’s a female on the hill, board in hand, geared up, shredding the concrete or supplying an endless supply of stoke amongst the males, it’s clear to say, jaws drop and heads turn. When you say to people:  ‘Hey! I skate! I’m a female skater!’ You receive some pretty radical responses. You see that’s the society we live in… skateboarding has become a ‘male dominated’ sport and women have always taken a subconscious, back seat.

longboardI guess with Tony Hawkes name and his gnarly male image supplied in most skate shops and setting the skate scene, it’s no surprise that women have come second in this sport. However, society now is accommodating the female skateboarder in all kinds of ways and in many shapes and forms. With the rise of the Longboard Girls Crew taking the skating media by storm since they were created in Madrid in 2010, the girls have ever since been the highlight of skating news, adding a whole new image to this world. With long hair flaring from under helmets and curations, sassy figures rocking their leathers, these women have turned pure gnarl into a style of their own!

The rise of the Longboard Girls Crew enhanced the skate industry in a huge way! They encouraged females to skateboard in their own style, to be bold and brave and they show us just how easy it is to pick up a board and skate, no matter your ability! Since then, females have adapted the roles of shredding stars, and have taken to the verts and hills in a huge way!  

For me personally, as a female longboarder, the best thing about skating, is simply the feeling of freedom you get from it! The feeling of adrenalin that rushes through your body like a wave of excitement or a gush of fresh air, pulsating to every crevice of your soul, that feeling, is priceless. And the other thing? The fact that I can look in the mirror, clutching my longboard and say; ya‘know what? I’m a female longboarder and I add a style of my own!’  It’s having that confidence and charisma that helps you to shred to the best of your ability on the hills.  

Female boarders have changed the perception of skating, by means of class. We prove that girls too can skate-, whether your make – up is ‘on point’ or not, or whether or not your hair is done perfectly, they probe that even the grisliest of girls can skate just as good as they guys, if not better.

The other aspect that’s utterly brilliant when concerning the female long boarder? The fact that we girls feel little competition with the guys, why is this? Well, it’s because we’re a league of our own. We’re the girls of the skating world, not to be compared with the guys. However, when faced with a sketchy hairpin corner, and the chance to throw in a talented toe slide, us women are then keen to show our competitive streak and excel amongst the guys…  

The Longboard Girls Crew quoted:  ‘Linked to a deeper root in our society, where small girls wear pink dresses, are fragile and shouldn’t get dirty while the boys can’t be weak, feel or express emotions. I believe that by breaking certain stereotypes we’re helping build a stronger, healthier society for all humankind.’

This quote purely explains how female long boarders are desperately and successfully changing perceptions within society! THE GIRLS ARE SHINING THROUGH AND CHANGING THE SCENE! THEY’RE FIGHTING STRONG AND HOLDING A STAND FOR FEMINISM IN SPORTS!  

longboardHowever, what I must say is; that these females who’re so incredibly advocating the female participation in male dominated sports, are subtle and understated. They avert from going around protesting in harsh ways, shouting from the top of the hills or marching around with signs, causing a scene, no, these women subtly stand proud for women in sports.

You may, see these girls causing a scene though however, when faced with a steep declining hill situated comfortably tucked away in the mountains, then, the shouts of pure shred success and excitement screams, as a sketchy pendulum slide is performed. Then, the fun begins. You see, female long boarders know a time and a place to stand and shine.  

This article could continue forever, including every aspect of the female long boarder and how she really is a unique class of her own. I could keep frantically, excitedly, typing away, frothing quietly about how incredible the rise of the female skater really is, yet unfortunately this article must fit on 2 pages only! So, to conclude this piece, let’s all agree with one factor? The girls who are out there shredding and supplying stoke, really do deserve a huge big up! For you girls, keep skating! Push hard and be proud of who you are! Don’t let anyone put a stop to your stoke! Keep at it ladies!

 Words by Rocky Poole. Follow her on Instagram

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