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Australian company Ocearch have been capturing tiger sharks and tagging them so they can be followed on their shark tracker app.

The three tiger’s were humanly caught in the popular tourist area of Fraser Island in southern Queensland.

Jedda an 11ft 8 inch female is currently working her way further up the east coast and can be easily monitored every time she surfaces.

Researchers are making their way north make their way north and are hoping to tag around about 20 sharks between Fraser Island and Cairns at the top of the country, before heading off to the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

James Cook University’s Dr. Adam Barnett described the OCEARCH expedition as a great opportunity to advance Australia’s research program.

“We have the chance to tag more tiger sharks with OCEARCH satellite technology over a period of a few weeks than our team has in the past 14 years in Queensland waters,” Dr. Barnett said. “OCEARCH and Caterpillar are providing a true gift to Queensland and to our team.”

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