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Long gone are the days where surfers would have to tune in to the radio or check the weather report on TV to know when to hit the waves.

The advance of modern technology has brought a whole world of useful gadgets and apps that complement almost any sport that you can think of, and surfing is no exception.

When it comes to surfing apps, there might not be as wide a selection as in the case of games or apps that let you play blackjack at Zebra Casino, but the practicality and quality of the designs surely makes up for it.

The following apps are such examples, as they are the ultimate surfers’ tools that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without them upon your first several swipes. So, if you were looking for nifty apps to match your passion, here are the top 5 choices:


Boardline is available for both Android and iPhone


Just like it name suggests, Boardline is an app designed to help surfers find the right board. This app was developed by a water science engineer that has a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics and it’s the best board research tool around.

Boardline lets you find the perfect board according to your dimensions, weight, and style, by offering suggestions from a wide selection of brands and models.

The science behind the app is nearly flawless and the best thing about it is that users from across the globe can submit data and suggestions that can help other surfers find their right boards. All in all, a very useful app for anyone that wants to take surfing to the next level.

iSurfer is available for Android and iPhone

iSurfer is like the Swiss army knife of surf apps

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Almost like the Swiss army knife of surfing apps, iSurfer has a whole range of features that can be useful for both beginners and professional surfers alike.

Those that want to brush up on their material or just start learning everything from scratch can find information and guides about all things surfing, from choosing a board and wetsuit to learning the dangers of the sport and expanding their surfer’s vocabulary.

Those more experienced, on the other hand, can find video tutorials and a log function where you can record and keep track of your surfs, boards, and locations by adding data and photos. And on top of that, the app can also be used by both novice and pro surfers to shop for boards.

GoFlow Surf

If you haven’t heard about it yet, GoFlow is the social platform for surfers, but also fans of any outdoor sports.

The app is basically a network where you can share wave and wind conditions with your friends in real time, as well as get video reports and updates on the weather in your favorite surf spots.

GoFlow also lets you build your own surfing teams and share your surfs and updates with only the friends you choose. If you’ve ever wanted to have your own surfing network, this app will have all you need – just download it, set up a profile, and you’ll never stop using it.


If you’ve ever tried searching for surfing apps, there are high chances you’ve seen Surfline listed among the top choices.

Well, it’s no wonder why the app enjoys a solid reputation, as it’s one of the most extensive surf report apps that has a practicality which goes way beyond the sport. At its core, Surfline is an app for real time weather forecasts and surf reports from across the globe, but outside of it, it’s so much more.

Apart from its basic function, Surfline will also give you access to over 300 HD beach cameras from the most popular surf spots in the world, as well as photos, videos, news, stories and discounts, all of which are regularly updated several times a day. What more do you need?

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MSW Surf Forecast

Just like Surfline, the MSW mobile app is a surf forecast app where you can get information on thousands of surf spots from across the world.

The difference between Surfline and the MSW Surf Forecast is that this app digs a bit deeper into the stats, while in the same time providing a simpler and more intuitive navigation. MSW Surf Forecast provides you with up to 14 days of forecasts and tons of data, with anything from swell charts to live buoy data and tide graphs only a swipe away, but you can also use the app to find local beaches and surf shops. Simple, smooth, and incredibly useful, this app will definitely stay on your phone for long.

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