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Thomas ‘Doc’ Bexon is in Europe on a shaping mission, bringing his unique blend of logging delights from the shores of Noosa all the way to the Bay of Biscay and more specifically the shaping factory of UWL.

So how did Thomas end up over 10,000 miles away in France plying his trade?

It all happened way back in Oz when he and now UWL factory manager, Benoit Jean, were colleagues at Domino’s Pizza. So often the force for change, many a talent has been for a stint in the fast-food business and for this particular combination we can all be grateful.

Fast forward many years and Benoit is back in his homeland with his old pal Thomas returning to the factory for his fifth visit.

Thomas Bexon

Job well done: Thomas looks over one of the 81 one boards he got through whilst at UWL

Also in for the ride, and over in France, is Devon born, now Noosa resident and 50/50 business partner, Jake ‘Cut Lap’ Bowrey. We caught up with Bexon to have a quick chat about the boys European tour.

Jake and Thomas have been shaping and glassing boards now for well over a decade and around six years together in their business of Thomas Surfboards. It is a formidable partnership and one which which sees them gel perfectly as a team as Thomas tells us.

Jake is really anal, but he is really good at what he does

“Jake is really anal, but he is really good at what he does. He just sets a super high standard every time.”

They are both out of the office for this trip which can get tricky as they both have the business and family back in Australia.

So what does a typical day involve when you are together down under?

“You would like to think it is all about the surf and getting out as much as possible. But the reality is… a bunch of emails, a bunch of phone calls and some foam dust. And that’s your lot.”

Jake 'Cut lap' Bowrey

Jake glassing one of their unique surfboards during the tour

So when you are over here we assume this is an opportunity to sample some of the heaving French barrels?

“We go when we can, but we are really here to work. Last year I spent a week in Biarritz which was so beautiful and I would definitely go back. We drank a load of wine and ate a stack of cheese. Other times we have taken a visit to the UK or other parts of Europe. Jake even took me surfing at Westward Ho! once… It was fucking freezing. It was like November though and you have to realise that I’m a guy from Noosa…”

Tell us how you picked up your nicknames?

“We made Jake’s up when the Instagram age kicked off” Thomas told us “It was literally nothing more than that. He needed a name so we gave him one,” he laughed.

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