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A new product aimed at ‘revolutionising water safety’ and claiming to be the smallest inflatable in the world, has literally exploded onto the scene by smashing its crowdfunding target out of the water in little under half a day.

The Kingii had an initial target of $65,000 to raise before the product would be successfully funded and on its way into production. It seems that people all over the world are in agreement with the team behind the project and have been backing it in its droves.

Kingii: The New Standard in Water Safety

The wrist mounted buoyancy device is rechargeable and once attached to your wrist is simply inflated by pulling the emergency handle. The manufacturers aim is to create a non-invasive, reliable and unobtrusive design that can be used in all manner of water sports.

After use the balloon is simply flattened with the air squeezed out, then folded back into the pouch. Once a new cartridge is fitted you are ready to go.

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The smallest inflatable in the world

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