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eco_thumbThe Ecoboard Project helps consumers choose a high-performance sustainable surfboard made with a reduced environmental and toxic impact. The team behind Ecoboard have also gone further by creating the the first, independent 3rd party, consumer facing “eco-label” for surfboards. It verifies the use of more sustainable materials in surfboards, made with the latest advancements in green chemistry, recycled and renewable materials.
The science-based program provides a simple ‘benchmark’ for sustainable surfboard materials.

Shapers can sign up to the Ecoboard scheme by creating a free account with Sustainable Surf.

The ECOBOARD Project Benchmark
An ECOBOARD must be made from at least one of the following materials:
Blank: foam made from minimum 25% recycled foam or at least 25% biological content
Resin: epoxy resin made from minimum 15% biological content with low VOCs
Alternative Structure: A surfboard structure made from sustainably sourced biological/renewable material (aka-wood) that provides the majority of the surfboard’s material and structural integrity – and therefore significantly reduces the amount of foam or resin needed to build the board

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The ECOBOARD Project with Alex Gray from Sustainable Surf on Vimeo.



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