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Surfvault was started in 2015 to create a  better online alternative for the sale of second hand and new surfing products from members of the surfing community.

Popular selling platforms offer a general and unspecific searching function.

Not only this but high commission rates and listing fees have resulted in a poor and disorganised online community for those surfers looking to sell any surfing goods they may want to shift.


Moreover, with many different social media groups offering a slightly disorganised way to buy and sell boards, surfvault offers a concise website for all groups of the surfing community.

“It’s a completely free to use surf classifieds website where users can sell any preloved surfing gear.

“I’ve surfed my whole life and always found it hard to sell surfing gear online without being ripped off by eBay or struggling for my posts to get attention on Facebook selling groups.

“I founded surfvault with the aim of being the only dedicated surfing community in Europe where users can sell any surf gear 100% free.” Owner Harry Jellicoe told us.

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