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I didn’t know the guys further than an Instagram message I received to come and shoot them… I was keen. The lads were local surfers with a reputation, some of the crew ride for The Cloudbreak shop in Saltash.

I arrived late to see the boys Billy Northcott, Jack Buckingham and Ollie Andrews, already there. I was keen as mustard as I had a feeling something big was going to happen that day, luckily it turned out I wasn’t wrong.


The sun was a delight, the swell looked good and clean and ahead of me lay a new photographic horizon, I was grinning from ear to ear in Jack’s silver estate.

We had three boards, five seats and four people. As you can imagine, it was quite cozy, a nice squeeze though, and no problems of course, I was glad to be getting a lift! We travelled for an hour with the understanding that when this break fires it isn’t one to miss.


Upon arrival we took a few minutes to check the conditions before changing. Worth it? It looked amazing, there was no holding back here.

We power walked the grassy path to something breathtaking and that’s even before my lens touched the salty water. I was the first person in. Sorry lads, as we well know ‘time and tide waits for no man.’


She holds, and the boys rode. Each and everyone was natural and progressive. It had been the first surf for a while and the first time back in the water, but you would have never guessed. Each surfer seemed to have their own personality, something I love to capture.

The day winds down and we get to reflect on dreamy Cornish barrels, uneven and full of character. Some amazing surfing and one solid day out.

Words and Images: Sam Lewis
Riders: Jack Buckingham, Billy Northcott , Ollie Andrews






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