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A new British brand based in Cornwall has launched a range of sunglasses made entirely from layered denim.

The glasses were developed over a period of four years by two ‘3D Design for Sustainability’ graduates from Falmouth University, Jack and Alex. Each and every pair are created by hand, with their small team turning raw waste denim into 200 pairs of sunglasses a week.

Turning heads in the summer heat, solid denim sunglasses are now a reality. The pair are claiming this is the most exciting revolution in the cowboy classic since Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss cooked up their original ‘blue jean’ formula back in 1873.

The frames are constructed by bonding layers of denim together with resin – three to ten layers thick – and then fitting Carl Zeiss tinted lenses. These solid denim frames are both striking and stronger than boring old plastic. “They look better and last longer than our competitors”  Alex said

The solid denim is made by infusing jean material with resin

The solid denim is made by infusing jean material with resin

“This is a process that we have developed and there is nothing else quite like it. This unique process provides some unique opportunities for responsible, sustainable manufacturing” Jack added

Forming partnerships with jeans factories, they will be taking denim offcuts and turning this scrap into practical products. “The amount of waste created in their manufacturing process is shocking,” said Jack. “We’re hoping to remedy that.”

The initial run was crowdfunded on Kickstarter where the team managed to secure double their original target. Their new collection comprises three frame designs – Cassini, Celsius and Kepler, with three colour ways for each. At the core, they’re an authentic British alternative to mass-produced sunglasses from the far East.

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