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We’ve been sent some odd stuff over the years at Drift HQ and the Xsories Tuxsedo Neoprene GoPro Jacket was no different, but while at first we struggled to see the need, it was soon apparent that if it did nothing more, it certainly made us all smile.

Fortunately though, popping a mini-wetsuit on your action-cam is actually useful.

Fortunately though, popping a mini-wetsuit on your action-cam is actually useful. The neoprene jacket offered the camera some serious warmth protection, which as a result will prolong the often maligned GoPro battery.

xsories tuxsedo

All dressed up but nowhere to go

Plus, we discovered, it could also be used with the frame mount when the waterproof housing is off. This seemed like a real bonus, the frame mount is great when you want better access to the microphone and power outlets, but you always feel like you camera is a little naked and no longer protected. The fact you can add a funky soft protection in this mode was a real advantage.

xsories tuxsedo

The Urban Camo model – not so bad on pebbles but could be lost on the piste

We were sent the Urban Camo model, perhaps not perfect for a snow trip as you may never find your camera again if dropped, but perfect for stealth filming the chavs down your local high-street (strongly not recommended).

Also in the range are some excellent ‘stand-out’ designs that will really pull you out of the pack. Our favourite has to be the nautical Sailor Sam (see below), but there are plenty to choose from and some could offer some real camouflage if you were shooting in a safari or jungle situation.

xsories tuxsedo

The Tuxsedo boxed and ready to go and inset the Sailor Sam model


  • Increased battery life can only be a bonus especially when some models of GoPro really struggle here
  • Stand out from the crowd, nobody likes a sheep
  • Extra camera protection when shooting with just the frame mount


  • The price feels a bit heady, but if it can deliver serious battery saving it could be money well spent
  • Some colours might not be suitable for all action sports  – Luckily the (hello) ‘Sailor Sam’ model is perfect everywhere!

For more information or to buy you very own Tuxsedo visit

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