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Northern Irish innovators set to take their unique boards to the world.

We have been following the SkunkWorks Surf Co team from Portrush in Northern Ireland since their inception.

Brothers Ricky and Chris Martin set about redesigning the soft surfboard after years of disappointment in the performance, lifespan, poor visual appeal and non Eco friendly nature of those on the market already.

Ricky owns Alive Surf School, the longest running surf school in Northern Ireland. Experiencing first hand, the cost and frustration of every brand of every soft board falling to pieces or snapping within months, year after year that really lead to the development of this new board technology.

Now some three years on, they have taken on Richard Branson and are stopping nothing short of taking their robust, high-performance soft surfboards and stand-up paddle boards to the world surf market.


The brothers have raised and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to work with the best engineers and material experts the UK and Ireland has to offer to create a revolutionary, super robust board that will last for years and have much less impact on the environment.

“Every element of our design is focused on maintaining the highest quality, so we can create robust, high-performance boards while minimising our impact on the environment.” Ricky told us.

Do you want change? Skunkwork's boards are available to pre-order now.

Do you want change? Skunkwork’s boards are available to pre-order now.

“Every foam within our boards is heat bonded together so that all are integrated as one, making them incredibly strong and hard wearing.

“Our competitors use glues to bond their materials together with the big issue being glues hate direct heat or cold as well as big changes in temperature such as a board laying in the baking sun then going into a cold sea. Glue also hates salt water! So, it’s no surprise most current foamies don’t last too long.” He added


To find out more or to get your hands on your own rock solid Skunkworks board head over to their site now… 


Chris ripping one of the Skunkworks test boards

Chris ripping one of the Skunkworks test boards

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