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Say ‘no’ to selfies and yes to glorious point of view shots!

The GoPro is now a mandatory piece of equipment for sports enthusiasts across the land. No one has yet managed to topple their stranglehold on the action-cam market and rightfully so. Constantly, the company is reinventing and building better, smarter devices that do nothing but secure their ranking in this field.

Rest assured though as Wimbledon Tennis has yet to put the kybosh on the Ho Stevie! GoPro mouth-mount

Following hotly in the footsteps of the camera itself is the innovation that follows from smaller manufacturers and designers dreaming up new ways to use, stick, mount or hold the camera. The selfie-stick is so last year, so much so that I’m embarrassed to use my pole even though I had it long before we even knew such a sub-culture existed! The holy grail of English summertime sport – the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association – is the latest place to put a ban on these monsters of modern life. Rest assured though as SW19 has yet to put the kybosh on the Ho Stevie! GoPro mouth-mount which landed on our desk for review last week.

Want those crystalline shots of Federer as he glides around the baseline? Then simply chomp down on the camera mouth-mount and one still has hands free action to applaud the action masterclass that unfolds in front of you!

OK, let’s not use it for that. Let’s use it for glorious angled POV shots down the barrel of an untouched wave! Much more fun…

GoPro mouth mount

What is it?

The full package is a rubber-moulded gum-shield type of affair that is fully breathable and offers more comfort than a snorkel. This connects to the GoPro via a standard issue screw. The kit then comes with a floaty backdoor (heaven forbid you should drop your gear), which is supplied with a 3M sticky pad and if you have used these before you will know this would be about the only thing that could stick a lawsuit on OJ Simpson. Let’s just say they work, perfectly, every time, without fail… Lastly there is a leash option available which we think is a great addition. Clip this into your zip and you never have to worry about where the damn thing is.


  • The whole mount is solidly built and we feel it would last a long time despite what it is put through
  • The leash is a must-have element as far as we are concerned
  • It really is true, looking at yourself on a surfboard is boring. Forward mounting on the front of your board is OK, but POV mounts are head and shoulders above most options.
  • The mount, bolt, band, leash and floaty come in a range of different colours so your set-up can be personalised in a flash if so desired!


  • There isn’t much to complain about with the mount, one grumble might be lack of a UK/Euro distributor for those over this direction.
  • Chewing rubber isn’t exactly a favourite pastime so make sure you utilise the leash to give yourself a breather

Want a piece of the action? Head over to to pick yours up now…

Here is a cool vid of Michelle Kienlen a surf instructor at Surf With Amigas shredding Bocas Del Toro in Panama while testing out the mouth-mount. It looks super busy!

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