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We have covered the wonderfully named Spivo GoPro stick before, but this time the kind Canadian folk from Ottawa have shipped one of their glory poles all the way to Drift HQ.

What is it?

A fancy dan hi-tech GoPro pole that makes it, as easy as a press of the thumb, to flick between pointing forwards or shooting right in your face. It sounds like something you probably didn’t think you need, but you are probably wrong as usual.

The Spivo comes in three sizes rather than an extendable pole (see tech specs below), this, we are told, is to keep the strength and integrity in the product.  The pole feels solid and is designed and built in the true north, no Taiwanese knock-off here.

To check out prices of the Spivo go to Amazon 
The good

It works, and not only does it work but it works bloody well, every time without fail. We have all seen countless films of people bearing down on a wave or hammering a mountain but it is the variation of shot with such simplicity that makes the Spivo such joy.

The bad

Not a lot to moan about, we have always giggled a little about the name but we’re pretty sure that is poor English schoolboy humour.

Tech spec

• Weather and corrosion resistant
• Rugged polycarbonate design
• Fully mechanical, no batteries needed
• Waterproof up to 200 ft (60 m)
• Lightweight: all sizes weigh under 6.5 oz (< 180g)
• 1/4-20″ universal tripod mounting system
• 1/4-20″ Replaceable wrist-strap


• 12″ (304mm) Small
• 18″ (457mm) Medium (the most popular)
• 26″ (660mm) Large

To check out prices of the Spivo go to Amazon 


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