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Hjem, which means Home in English is a new OH DAWN short film by Benjamin Beckett.

It is shot in the cold December days on the west coast of Denmark, where a handful of locals stay home during the sparsely populated winter.

The film portrays the life as a surfer living in the small town of Klitmøller, Denmark. After school years many of the locals disappear from the bleak town and move to the bigger cities to further their education, you even need to leave town to train as a fisherman.

Cabin fever, North Sea bliss and too many untouched waves to count remain for those that stick around.

Sometimes beauty is right on your doorstep yet many fail to notice, this is certainly the truth for those that miss the surf in Klitmøller.

A teaser to the film is below but if you head over to the OHDAWN site you can watch the whole thing for less than the costs of a Danish Pastry (and by that we mean free).


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