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Continuing the adventure with Tom and Sally’s year long surfing road trip, riding 150cc dirt bikes north on the Pan American highway along the coastal length of the Americas.

The last time we caught up on their adventure they had gone feral in Panama camping and surfing off grid to save money in one of Central Americas most costly countries.


They since moved onto the surf paradise of Costa Rica in the next Central America stage of their 15,000 mile journey. Here’s the story and a great travelogue piece for anyone thinking of visiting and surfing in Costa Rica.

In many ways we knew that we were going to have a strange relationship with Costa Rica before we even got there, it is the safest and most well documented surf destination in Central America and on paper it is amazing.


Its only a tiny country but it contains more that 5% of the worlds biodiversity, it has no military, no animals in captivity, is ranked top in the world for ‘happiness’ and produces a huge percentage of renewable energy.

Pretty much as soon as we crossed the border from the Panama it struck us as being incredibly clean, the roads were lined thick with perfect jungle and any buildings seemed to be encased in nature, set back from the beach and roads so to preserve the wild life. It really is incredible.

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