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I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been sitting on an email sent to me by Passenger founder Rich Sutcliffe for about a week. You know what it’s like – inbox full, to do list too big, blah excuse blah.

Why ashamed? Well, it had the release of Passenger’s latest video and I should have shared it here a week ago. It’s good.

Passenger’s press release talks of a “constant call of the wild and lure of adventure” inspiring the movie. I can feel the pull to the outdoors when I watch – the cinematography (Tobias Ilsanker) is beautiful and the narration (Rich Sutcliffe himself) just draws me in.

In the Passenger release with the film they nicely sum up the intended emotional response:

“The story reflects that feeling many of us have, that we might search for something yet don’t know what it is. The words subtly grab attention giving you that urge to wander, to escape for a few minutes and feel more inspired after watching,”

My bag is packed.

There’s promise of more projects and collaborations to come. I won’t be sitting on any of Rich Sutcliffe’s emails again.

Be sure to check out the Passenger website.

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