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Logging legend and all round general nice guy CJ Nelson graces our screens once more, this time on his brand new stick… Using a split composite blank mixture certainly seems to be cutting it for CJ as he glides his ride with his usual sophistication and style at San Onofre in California. The weather certainly looks a bit more agreeable than here right now.

“This is one session at Sano ridding my 10′ XEON CJ Classic. I have been testing and designing these EPS and carbon composite boards for a couple years now. The flow and liveliness of these materials has opened my eyes and broken down my belief system as to the definition of a traditional longboard.” CJ said about the board.

“I’m excited and inspired every single day to get in the water and put these boards through their paces.” He added.

San Onofre (or Sano to the locals) became on of Cali’s most popular breaks way back in the 40s. The popular spot attracted visitors from far and wide and camping down for the weekend was one of the great draws.

The beach and surfing nearly got shut down in the 50s as the US Marines took residence but thanks to a local fightback the San Onofre Surfing Club was formed and the site was preserved as a safe, friendly easygoing family surf break, which it remains as today.

If you fancy a slice of the action head over to to see his full range of boards


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