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The Slyder Cup, which was cancelled late last year due to monstrous storm conditions, has been called back on and is due to kick off this weekend (20 March 2016) at Lusty Glaze, Cornwall.

In honour of the 3rd Annual Frigid Friction Affliction Convention organisers Approaching Lines have dropped an excellent edit on how to make your own handplane. Check out the video below, get busy in the next few days and you’ll have no excuses for not heading down to Lusty Glaze.


The Slyder Cup is a coming together of alternative surfers for a one-day surf competition and social gathering. The comp celebrates the art of wavesliding from a ‘finless’ perspective and as always, the emphasis is on good vibes, good rides and good times.

“We were really disappointed to have to postpone the event last winter in the face of massive storm surf and onshores but are delighted to be returning to the natural amphitheatre and shred wedge that is Lusty Glaze for the rescheduled event later this month,” says Approaching Lines Director Chris Nelson.


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