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Matt Parker from Album boards has teamed up with French designer Pierre Kiandjan to launch this stunning technicolor onslaught onto the extremely fun Album Sub model.

The Sub is a “Great alternative to a fish or even a longboard. Catches anything that moves, zips and flies around as hard as you want to push it,” Parker told us.

“Fun every time. Similar rocker to the Simmons inspired Symphony but with a little more lift in the tail, combined with a more pulled-in outline through the business end. Can be ridden as a quad, thruster, twin or even a single fin. Ride it a touch shorter than you’d order a fish,” he added.

We also spoke exclusively to Pierre to find out where he draws his inspiration from and where the project is going.

What inspired the design?

I’ve looked for something wild and psychedelic. I wanted the colours and shapes to fit with a board shape, Matt and I thought about how we could find some relevant overall aesthetics that could draw surfers’ interest.

Where do you like to hit up the surf?

The well-known Côte des Basques in Biarritz and Pointe de la Torche in Brittany are among the most stunning French spots for me.

How did the project come about?

Matt told me that he does collaboration boards with artists from time to time. When we were talking about how to work together, he realised what kind of design I could bring to his boards and I understood how much he trusts graphic designers. So we’ve quickly been ready to team up. Indeed, Matt gave me full permission for a design proposal.

How many are available to purchase?

The Sub is a sample board. The art can be ordered with any custom board, so there’s no limitations on quantity unless you want to purchase certain amount.

What are people saying about it?

It has been featured at the Boardroom show and we’ve got two kinds of interested people; some want to surf the board and others would just hang it on the wall like art.



Album surfboard


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