About Drift Surfing


Drift is a coming together of the things we love. It is about ‘surfing everything’.  Longboards, single fins, old-school, twinnies, quads, bonzers, brand spanking new or a plank of wood – whatever floats your board. If it brings a smile to your face then you are doing it right.

Our readers’ waves are the backbone and the inspiration here at Drift HQ. We have scoured the UK and beyond for the best stories, the characters, the pioneers and the innovators who blend or battle the oceans for love alone. Drift is a unique insight into different angles of you, the real people who are, week in, week out, making the waves your home.

Please get in touch if you:

• Have a story to tell. Subjects include surfing, the environment, wildlife, humanitarian and social projects, art, music, film, photography literature and events. We’d love to hear from you.

• Are from a brand looking to build your online presence with us.

Contact us by email: [email protected] or via the form on the contact page.