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Varazze, on the Italian Riviera, is situated in the Province of Savona in the Italian region of Liguria, located half an hour drive west of Genoa. It is a tourist town which also thrives on the local shipyards for industry.

It is considered one of the best reef-breaks in Italy so it is no surprise it attracts surfers by the bucketload from both its native Italy and the nearby France.

It is a perfect right and left and one which is fairly sizeable. It is also rumoured to be heavily localised and who is the local crew you need to keep your eyes out for? The Wankers Surf Club of course. True story…

This is everything you expect of Italy and more – Classic architecture, amazing food, stunning scenery and some nice surf breaks to boot.

“January has been generous this this year. Between a session and another I had the chance to film, from a different point of view, this beautiful place.” Nils Astrologo said about his film.


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