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Cross surfboards are a range of ultra modern, high performance boards named after Gul founder Dennis Cross. The 45 year heritage of Gul research and development has created the right combination of raw materials to perfect the balance of weight vs strength and ensure performance and durability in stunning looking surfboard.

The Cross range has boards suitable for novices right through to experts and can be used in a variety of conditions. A sample of the line-up covering retro fish to mini-mals below.

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We spoke to, a leading online retailer of board sports gear…

“Cross Surfboards are great value boards that give high performance for a low price. We’ve tested these boards in a range of UK conditions and they go really well, from 1ft slop, to punchy winter waves. They’re brought to you by Gul Westuits, so you know its a brand you can trust.”

Get info on the full range of Cross surfboards at TVSC. For a £25 discount on any Cross surfboard use code CROSS25 at checkout.

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