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Hailing from one on Britain’s largest remaining forests and buffering up to the south coast swells of Highcliff and Bournemouth it comes as no surprise that lifestyle brand Passenger have a slightly excessive fascination with Waves and Trees.

This is in the bloodstream of everything we epitomise

Louis Hall speaks to Passenger’s main man Richard Sutcliffe to get the low down on the New Forest crew.

“It’s not a campaign, it’s not a clothing line. it’s more than that.” Waves and Trees are no doubt in the bloodstream of everything Passenger epitomise.

passenger waves and trees

It takes time to establish a brand and rather than tie themselves down, they created the brand and let the ethos find them.

For Passenger, Waves and Trees is a way of life – taking inspiration from the ocean and also their home in the beautiful New Forest.

Road trips to anywhere you can generally lose yourself

Wanting to take their brand further than a clothing line, the team take road trips and surf adventures enjoying basic van life, to explore forests, mountains, remote locales and anywhere else you can generally lose yourself. Whether that be landlocked or ocean bound.

passenger waves and trees

“As a brand we’re about the travel and escapism side of it and for us surfing is a bonus we get at the end of the journey.”

Waves and Trees truly embodies what Passenger stands for, and in a lot of ways what most of us stand for within the surfing community.

Exploration is key, we all want to find our own place to claim, and then surf it. This is their aim, trying to explore and soak up as much of this world as possible.

passenger waves and trees

This UK surf brand goes far beyond travel clothing, or another generic surf brand. It’s developing a sense of community through a collective passion and is led by those who got sick of the nine to five and decided to do their own thing. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Explore uncharted territory, explore well known landmarks. Just get out to where there’s waves and trees and do it.

Check out Passenger Waves and Trees here

passenger waves and trees

Border patrol

Check out Passenger on the run north of the border








passenger waves and trees

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