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Book-Cover-picWritten by Daniel Hamlin

When Ocean’s Rise is a mixture of transcendental thought and the spiritual journey towards finding oneself in a world full of riddles that arise from the trials and tribulations we call life.  Hamlin is an efficacious writer who uses short narratives to explicate how listening to God and accepting His love is the path to finding one’s meaning and purpose. Through a series of Biblical passages, Hamlin connects his own life in and around the ocean (at times) to explain in a very intelligible storyline how whether searching for God or looking the other way, God is always there, and always ready for us to listen deeply and walk in His path rather than our own.

When Ocean’s Rise is for everybody, if and when you’re ready.  No matter your beliefs, the sincere thoughtfulness that reigns through Hamlin’s effervescent quest to live for others and a higher purpose elevates the thought in the book.

On a mission larger than the self, Hamlin chronicles his own journey, and leads the reader to copious epiphanies of how simple life can be…if we just take the time to listen.

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Review by Shawn Tracht

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