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From the clammy waiting room, past the doors of the Hospital, into a ward whereby this young stoke searching teenager finds herself on bed rest and out of action for more than a few months.

It’s August… the sun is shining bright through the window of the ward and the light dances in, bouncing off the gloomy walls and dull paintwork. I’m here, bed bound and simply dreaming of my board. I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and have another few months to go, 3 weeks in and I can tell you this, the aching, longing, desperate feeling deep in my stomach, begging to get out there and skate is so overpowering I feel like a donkey with a carrot on a stick, looming in front of me, that’s just so out of reach.

The way I’m feeling right now is by far the most frustrating feeling I’ve ever encountered. I guess in a way; I’m gagging for sympathy! I mean, come on, I’m 17 years old, a female shredder, on bed rest for months, missing the summer and missing out on longboarding in the hottest time of the year! So hey! Some slack is in order! But honestly, in all jokes aside, it’s a hard period of my life right now, and I feel the need to write an article. An article about what we miss most about longboarding when you simply can’t shred!

We’ve all been in the position whereby we’re either injured, working too much, too busy, on a business trip, or simply not allowed to skate. We’ve all had a broken bone putting a stop to the shred, or a reason to why the tarmac is to be left alone and we’re out of action.

It’s honestly, one of the hardest feelings to deal with.

As longboarding, for us all, for us fellow readers, is our passion. It’s our pure enjoyment and what we get up in the morning for, well that and a greasy fry up and some morning glory that is… Anyway! As I was saying, we’ve all experienced it and boy, it’s hard. So this article dives into what it is, exactly that we miss.

No slow starts, no build ups, I’ll simply delve straight in.

We miss the feel of freedom, the rush of wind flow through our hair or through the gaps in our helmets and the breeze, pressing into the creases of our shirts and allowing us to feel streamline and seamless. Like free birds or a leaf in the wind. Flying free. It’s that feeling of utter bliss and utter uncontrollable control. That’s another thing; it’s ‘that feeling of being so out of control, yet totally the one, in control!’

Another part of boarding that we miss, when out of action is simply the skating social scene. The guys on the hills. Your skating shenanigan buddies! The friends on the hills you so recklessly bomb together, totally at one with the roads and totally not at one with each other! Crashing into each other as we slide around a sketchy slim corner and land in an awkward heap on top of each other at the bottom of the hill.

It’s those close encounters with our pals that lead us to realise just how lucky we are to have friends to enjoy such a sport with. We miss our skating buddies to laugh and mick–take each other with, we miss the banter and the jokes as we laugh at our fellow friend as he comes to a catastrophic crash and ends up with road rash plastered down his backside. Or her. Not forgetting the longboarding lasses of course!

skate-2It’s the days we wake up, sun shining, no wind, no rain, a beautiful day, a day of freedom… no commitments, no work, no school, nothing… a free day whereby we can simply grab our steeds and hit the roads! The feeling of waking up with no other intension other than skating, really is, the most incredible feeling. I guess I could say it’s simply the feeling of being able to say ‘sod off!’ To the real world and taking yourself and your board into the realm of skating, whereby you’re completely at one with yourself, with deck and with concrete.

On a different note, the great thing about longboarding is the feeling of simply being able to be out there! To be in the fresh air, to be wild and reckless and getting out and about. Longboarding not only offers first hand access to allowing some of the best feelings of adrenaline to flood your body, but also offers the boarder with exceptional amounts of fitness! This sounds awfully formal, but hey, I guess I’d like to add some formality! So yes, in many ways I miss the fitness related to longboarding!

The feeling of pure exhaustion after a stoke fuelled day, filled with fun on the hills! It’s amazing, the way you feel after you’ve pushed yourself to your limits. I miss the feeling of going home after a day on the hill feeling truly ‘cream crackered ‘, ready for a hearty meal, a bar of chocolate and some trivial TV! That and resting after your bodies been through tarmac turbulence and concrete crashes!

I guess I could list the endless ways that longboarding makes you feel happy and so full of life. I could list so many different aspects of the sport that leave you feeling filled with adrenalin and simply on top of the world.

You see, longboarding, for me, is an escapism… A realm of its own. Do I miss it? Man, I miss boarding insanely. Being out of action has honestly made me appreciate the sport so much more than before. It’s made me realise that longboarding is a way of life and guys, for you fit and healthy lively stoke searching skaters out there, my advice? Go grab your board, get out there and make the most of your time.

Skate while you can and appreciate the sport and your freedom to do so, as when you’re left out of action, it’s only really then that you begin to realise how much you miss it.

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