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This one may be a little more tricky if you are flying from the UK, but if you find yourself in Oz then a weekend trip can be bagged in a little over three hours. You would have hardly had enough time to finish the complimentary beers before you find yourself tucking into some frothy Bali barrels. Can we go now please?

Thankfully, our man on the ground Jordan Rodin has done the hard work so you don’t have to – leaving you to enjoy this trip from the comfort of you sofa and him to dodge a frigid Perth winter.

In June, July and August Perth, Western Australia is cold, wet, windy and horrible. Not somewhere you want to hang around for too long. With Bali literally on our doorstep, nearly half the time of driving from London to Newquay, how can you say no? We jump on a plane on a Friday, enjoy everything that Indo has to offer and be back in time for work on Monday. Except on this trip we never made it back on Monday…


Beautiful Bali, when you are having your winter Bali basks in sunshine

We set camp up in Canggu a fast growing coastal suburb in Bali with fun waves and a relaxing night life. After surfing loads of waves we decided to move onto Nusa Lembongan a few islands over from Bali with fast hollow reefs. This was a perfect way to wind down the trip, so we treated ourselves to a night on the town. Unfortunately this quickly went sour when Josh rewrote the moped rules, crashing and buckling himself on the scooter – I guess it happens to the best of them.

Nusa Lembongan once a classic surf-shack destination but now a little more upmarket

We needed an extra night to straighten things out (Both Josh and the bike) but within a few hours our thoughts turned to home and planning the next trip. It was a good ride but it is always good to come back to WA and surf your home break.

Words Jordan Rodin with thanks to Raen Australia and Josh Delamotte



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