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The most hotly anticipated piece of action sport tech this year has finally landed on British shores, and is only available in one place in the entire UK.

The Trace Sport Tracker is a super smart tracking device which gives you accurate up to date stats, to help you improve your surfing, skiing, snowboarding or whatever other action sport you’re in to.

Now here’s the clever bit! If you have a GoPro you can drag all your footage into the App and Trace will automatically edit it for you

Just attach this amazing little gadget to your surfboard (or snowboard and Skis) with the supplied secure mounting system, download the Trace Surf app (or Snow App) for iPhone or Android and begin tracking your speed along the wave, paddling distances, the frequency, size and sharpness of your turns, how deep you’ve buried the rail, how much speed you generate from your bottom turn, how many calories you’ve burned and much, much more.

Trace is very clever, wherever you are in the world Bali, Byron or Bournemouth it’ll track your board instead of your body giving you THE most detailed info about your surfing. With Trace’s tiny, lightweight unit you won’t even notice its there.

trace sport tracker

Good surfing starts with a good bottom turn

Trace is the only session tracker that will actively help you to improve your bottom turns.

A good bottom turn is where you generate speed, it helps you position your board on the face of the wave, and engage your rail on your top turn. Trace will give you all this info and more.

Trace will then go on to show you how this good bottom turn translates into your top turn: How much you’re wrapping the board around, how much rail you’ve buried, and how vertical your board gets.

Using complicated algorithms Trace will also measure how high your airs are! From the moment your board leaves the lip of the wave, Trace is calculating how high your board reaches at its peak.

Set up your Trace Leaderboards: and you can compete with your friends, surfers at your local break and anyone anywhere in the world with a Trace tracker.

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The up-to-the-minute leader boards will tell you who’s getting the longest rides, who’s reaching the highest speeds, who’s pulling the biggest turns, catching the most waves, and busting the biggest airs.

trace sport tracker

Automatically edited GoPro footage

Now here’s the clever bit! If you have a GoPro you can drag all your footage into the Trace Video App and Trace will automatically edit it for you!

This clever app will save you from having to sift through hours of footage just to get to a few good waves, Trace takes all the drudgery out and does all the work for you.

All you need to do is sync your camera before you head out for a surf, and when you get back, upload the raw footage to the Trace Video Mac app.

In the time it takes you to shower off and make a cup of tea, all your footage will be organized into individual clips of just your surfing, the colour will be corrected, you’ll get the stats overlay, and all the footage and info is easily shareable.

Trace will be your daily diary. You’ll be able to see just how many waves you’ve caught this week or this month. You’ll be able to see which break you’re getting the most waves at and you’ll be able to relive those epic sessions and swells.

trace sport tracker

The Trace Action Sports Tracker is much cheaper than the Rip Curl Search GPS, and it delivers more than twice as much information for the price

There is also a Trace Snow app so you can attach your Trace unit to your skis or snowboard, giving you the best data available on every run and park session.

Trace identifies speed, vert, jump distance and calories burned. Trace is the worlds most widely used Snow Tracking Mobile App.

For more information head over to Boardshop
The only place Trace is currently available in the UK

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