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Over the holidays we got an email from our friends at online retailer They’ve successfully grown their board sports business over the last few years and are now turning a reliable profit.

So what? That’s what all business try to do.

Well, TVSC have decided that they are going to give away all of their 2017 profits to board sports charities based in the UK.

TVSC started out in business with a goal to support the UK board sports industry and after 4 years of trading has grown into the position to be able to do more than occasional donations.

We think it’s awesome that these guys are sticking to their mission and are going to be funding some great projects.

They have partnered with 6 charities and when you checkout you get to decide who gets the profits made on your order.

The 6 charities are:

Surfers Against Sewage

The Wave Project

Surfing GB


Live and Breath Skateboarding

Disability Snowsport UK

So if you need some new gear in 2017, head over to and buy with the knowledge that you’re also helping out board sports.

You can find the original announcement here

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Feature image: Davide D’Amico

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