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And how about ‘The Doc’? I’m thinking here something to do with the precision and skill that goes into your shaping?

“Ummm…” Thomas paused.

“Mine was from my 21st birthday, we were smoking a massive joint and it fell apart. I stepped in to fix it and ever since the nickname has stuck!” He smiled.

As well as owning Thomas Surfboards, Bexon has numerous sponsors. We wanted to find out a bit more about TCSS, the Aussie brand that is making solid waves over here in Europe.

    Cutlap and The Doc sporting Deus Ex Machina and TCSS gear respectively. Two Aussies brands making big in-roads in the UK

Cut lap and The Doc sporting Deus Ex Machina and TCSS gear respectively. Two Australian brands making big in-roads in Europe.

“I really like the direction TCSS are going, it is just a little more down my alley. Perhaps a bit more mature and a bit less fruity. I really like it though and it is great to see them growing a lot. They are all really good guys.”

What for the future? Who do we look out for in the logging leagues?

“Ha, you guys probably know more than me? Matt Shaw is going pretty good though and Kai Annetts is also looking class.”

And lastly, what do you think about the state of industry in general?

“It’s great at the moment, there has never been so much variety. It just feels much broader than any time before and there is not one style that everyone is focussing on meaning there is huge choice.”

Want to lay your hands on a Thomas Surfboard then head over to or visit

Images with thanks from Elsa Girault

thomas bexon

One of the 2015 range shaped during the tour


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