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slaughter_dolphinsMy morning ritual at Drift HQ usually involves wading through a load of email which has arrived overnight. Imagine how I felt when I opened this one. I had just finished writing up the Nixon art mosh in Paris, which made me feel all enthusiastic about life… then this shows up.

Now, it’s one of those chain emails which our photographer, Jamie had sent through. So I don’t have a whole load of specific detail about what’s going on, so I’ll just try to paraphrase the words in the email for you. I’m not even sure who’s words these are, but if you read this, whoever you are, good on you for sending it around. (If you know who originally sent it around, please ask them to get in touch.)

One thing the email encourages us all to do is act, not just look. I don’t really know how, but here’s a few links which came to mind.

Sea Shepherd
Save the Whales
Surfers for Cetaceans


It’s because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.


This happens every year in Feroe Iland in Denmark. In this slaughter the main participants are young teens. WHY? To show that they are adults and mature…. BULLSHIT!!!!!!


In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator”.


Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin Calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near extinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship.




They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hocks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim cry of a new born child.


They suffer and there’s no compassion till this sweet mamal slowly dies in its own blood.


Its enough! We will keep sending this mail until it creates enough world-wide reaction of disgust and horror to end this sensless slaughter. Please don’t just read this …..That would make us accomplices. ACT NOW AND HELP TO DEFEND THESE HELPLESS CREATURES.


Take care of the world, it is your home!

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  • Ed

    Shame on us. On there any details available like when and where exactly this takes place? its rank, something needs to be done.

  • Griff

    Boycott now!! This is barbaric and any state practising in such needless slaughter needs sanctioning with immediate effect.

    forward this article to as many as possible and bring to the attention of your Local and Euro MP’s urging immediate sanctions.

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  • Dieu nous as doté d’ un cerveau capable de beaucoup de choses mais : “PAS POUR FAIRE CE GENRE DE CHOSES”.
    C’ est du cannibalisme….
    Faisons les bons choix dans notre vie….

    God with us as of a brain capable of many things but “NOT TO DO THIS KIND OF THINGS.
    That is cannibalism ….
    Make the right choices in our life ….

  • Osian

    As a 13 year old boy, I am disgraced that there are people in the world that think that this act is what it means to be a man. How can they not see that the sea should be blue and full of life. Not red and filled with death. How can people treat fellow mammals in this way? What have they done to us? What have you got against them? This is cowardly. I am so glad that I have not been raised in this way where this tradition goes on in a community without question. Please stop! How would we like it if they did it to us? Please Please Please stop this horrendous manner.

  • Elen

    This is sickening. Thank you for letting us know that this is going on. The timing is accurate. With Copenhagen at the centre of the future of the planet, maybe these images are the last we will see of this horrendous cultural tradition. If not, maybe this is the last we will see of this beautiful, intelligent, social species. This story is way too familiar now, with tuna, bears, wild cats etc etc etc. What is wrong with us? When did we get to be such monsters? Why do we think we own and control this planet and if we do, why and how did we get it so so so so so wrong. I am at the moment, ashamed to be human. Please wake up and see this cruel and vile act for what it is and think. Our planet needs to sustained. This is not the way. Please Please Please wake up and be the change you wish to see.

  • Shamed, shocked and sickened.

  • I was looking for the english version of somebody call Mac Millan, it seems to be his words. But, i will use french, sorry.
    “Ce qui compte dans la sauvegarde des condors et de leurs congénères, ce n’est pas tant que nous avons besoin des condors, mais que nous avons besoin des qualités humaines nécessaires pour les sauver. Car ce sont précisément celles-là même qu’il nous faut pour nous sauver nous-mêmes.”

    And when people ask me if i eat meat, (and i do not, but whatever), it don’t sound really so useless to explain that the way you kill animals, and why, make a big différence. Not for the dead one, of course, but for the one who kill and eat. And i can’t stand people from our rich country using the behevior of remotted culture like the nenets, pacific island people , or african eating “bush” meat, to justify their crappy, spoilt child and so called traditionnal behavior.
    The really “courage” and human mature as they said, is to stop what is less than useless for our developement. To say to their elder, “fuck this, you are wrong”….The next war will be there to let us express our “natural” way of ugly, selfish and “barbar” hability, i’m not worried..:o) !!

    I mean, do those “brave” went there on a horse wich they care whole year, and did not use electricity or other cell phone or cigarette with filter ??? Where is the really tradition here ?? where does it began or stop ?? One tradition is a revolution at first, then, conservative, then morbide stagnation. No ?

    Liars, especially to themself, wich is the worse…
    Go back reading the regretted Claude Levi Strauss if you want to have a clue about what does really mean the rich and diversity of our differents culture.

  • Lara

    Prime Minister’s Office – Faroe Islands

  • Stuart Ballard

    Please stop responding to these knee jerk pictures. I know it looks terrible, but you’ll see much worse in your local abattoir. The folk of the Faroe Islands are strong, independent people of the oceans – just like surfers. This is their ancient tradition and keeps there community together. How many times do we get together to face the reality of cattle being slaughtered to make our burgers or hear the sickening death squeal of a pig to make our bacon butties? These people are not sick or vicious, they are the same as you and I – realists. They limit the hunt to keep the ‘harvest’ sustainable and it happens once a year. Mean while, great industrialised trawlers rape the ocean day after day to bring cod to our chips shops and tuna for our lunchtime sandwich. Please don’t demonise these people because the images look like something out of a glitzy horror film. Let’s focus our righteous wrath at the bigger unseen problems with our oceans – the casual and disconnected gutting of our planets greatest and most wonderful asset.

  • and so stuart ?
    does the fact to still doing this stop the slaughter of million of cow, pig or other fish ?? I hope in the same hand to be so “pure”, tribal, incredible, “feral” people they don’t eat chicken, pig or other industrial meat ?? you are idealist !! Does they are so strong to live out of the européean communauty to got everything so easy ?? Why did they keep this particular tradition instead of another ? You told to not look at the blood and the behaviour but, hey man !! it is there !!!! you can turn your eyes, ok, and dreaming about strong man fierce or whatever, i don’t know each one to know who they are, but only how they act, and it is so easy to say that it’s worse somewhere else. And so ?? if you find industrial slaughtery bad, don’t use it too ! I don’t know where you are living but for exemple, here in France i can eat everything i want without those shit, and i’m earning just enough money to “live” and pay bills_and surfboards, of course hihihi-, believe it ….but, it’s always the same shit, do you thing this is the only tradition and ancient one on earth to make poeple together ??? they are so many, worse and better. And what does mean a society who feel brotherhood only like this ??? Sure, when you face death for yourself like in war or climatic tragédy, you feel the brotherhood too…and the pogrom, génocide too….And i don’t put any value unit, i don’t want to say who is better than other, who is perfect or not, no, I talk about behaviour…..just ask yourself truly,
    But of course like always you can always find to kill animal brave, “viril” or something, yes, why not…in my expérience, i did kill animal myself for eating them, , and i can tell you there is a lot of way to do it, to make them suffer, or not, and lot’s of different feeling from proud to understand the bitope and success and to feeling so stupid to kill in my rich country with all those possibility to feed me, feeling the emptyness of the land because hunting is there…..if i were living in another country, i will do differently; sure, but here ??? Wasting !!!!
    Bravery is not there, bravery is for one of those feroe kid that say “fuck you father, the world is changing and what you are doing is not the more clever way to resist to globalisation, let’s use our brotherhood in a another way, it’s time now, to keep our culture and resource, like one of our elder change the tradition to install this one, and his father does before, etc….”
    Hope you understand my english (french wet dog talking,hihihi 🙂 and as we don’t know each other Stuart, i’m nor agressiv or what just, want to give another point of view me too 🙂
    And there is always somebody to say “hoo poor litlle bambi, you are afraid to hurt the little bambi, hohoho, pussy ” yeah, yeah, of course…
    And i hope we won’t all live like the medium european or american standard, well, at least we just physically can’t on the earth right now….hahaha !!!!
    Enjoy live bro ! ;D

  • Christian

    There needs to be a global outcry against Denmark for this behavior. I suggest this be shown to tourists considering a visit to Denmark

  • ross

    Stuart, there’s a difference between killing a cow for consumption and killing a mamal that is about to go extinct for fun. Maybe it’s time to for them to start a new tradition, something like saving the ocean instead of killing it!!!

  • Naomi Reesor

    Stuart, I agree that we do not have much right to say these things because it’s true that if you do eat meat, you are just have someone else killing your food. However, that’s the whole point. They are not eating these animals as far as we know, or using them for any kind of materials. They are just simply slaughtering them to prove that they are “men.” (I’d prefer if my men did not slaughter animals for fun, thanks.)

    Not to mention that this is an endangered species… please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to say that this does not make their lives any more valuble then a pigs or a cows. However, should we not be trying to preseve them? Also, saying that this is their tradition is a huge fallacy, there’s been so many traditions we’ve gotten rid of because they did not fit our moral values any more, and this should certainly be one of them.

  • Tom

    Are cows not mammal’s too Ross? Isn’t the slaughter of cows just at bad as the slaughter of a dolphin? Or does the fact that there are more cows in the world make it okay to kill them. If thats the case, then would the death of an Indian citizen be less substantial than the deaths of a Japanese citizen? After all there are a lot more Indians in the world than other ethnicities. Remember humans are animals as well.

    And realize that this event has been a part of their culture for a loooonnnggg time. One does not simply force them to change it. As told through history, taking another’s culture is the ultimate form of degradation. Just as the Spanish did to the Philippines. Or china is doing to tibet. Or even as the german’s attempted to do to the Jews. It is not within anyones right to rip another’s culture from them.
    Respect peoples culture. Don’t destroy it.

  • TylerP

    I want to point out some inconsistencies in the link. there is no kind of dolphin called Calderon. according to wikipedia, they hunt around 950 pilot whales, a low risk animal that is actually not considered endangered by humans. I’m not defending the whalers at all but I just hate how viral hysteria links like this do so much exaggeration and it just makes them seem to have no credibility. I wish that these things could be organized in a proper manner. it’s sick that they carry on such a “tradition” even after 500 years of this or so. it just shows that the human collective is savage and pathetic. overbreeding, killing other animals, destroying the planet, supporting ourselves above all else. ugh.

  • Teil

    I think that we are better than this animals sould be treated like humans!

    people are so discusting!

  • jade

    this is so fucking awful and sad
    a tradition? how people can be IGNORANT?!!

  • jade

    oops! how can people be*

  • andy

    cowards is the first word that comes to mind..barbaric is the second ……
    unfortunately in the pictures we see who the real animals are and that the most intelligent ones are the ones being slaughtered …
    takes all the gloss off being a human when you see this ……………

  • Lyndsay

    Denmark, you should be ashamed. This is just as worse as what the Japanese are doing to the dolphins! Please see The Cove.


  • Monica

    I understand that this is terrible and inhuman, but an entire culture is set on the thought that this is okay. It can only be stopped by convincing them that it’s wrong, and there will always be those who protest to the change. And when people truly do not want change, they radicalize.

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  • bobjesky


    i agree. the industrial food industry is much sicker, more brutal, and they do it at an ungodly pace. that doesn’t mean that killing dolphins for recreation/tradition isn’t cruel. however, for all those people out there who see these pictures and want to do something to “save the dolphins”, you need to realize that it’s contradictory to eat a burger, hot dog, or other industrial fast food. it’s nice and all that you want to save these poor creatures, but it’s kind of like taking the easy way out. so what, you’re going to sign a petition? you’re going to boycott products from this country, when 99% of the stuff you buy is from china anyways? big whoop. it’s easy for you to complain about the dolphins because you don’t have to make any sacrifices. but take the issue with cattle who are raised in a factory purely for consumption and have no other purpose in life; they are mistreated, live in cramped spaces, and are fed their own shit and even scraps of other cows. then they are killed to be eaten. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT?? nothing. because that would mean you have to stop eating meat, stop eating mcdonalds, and god forbid you have to change your consumerist american lifestyle.

    so yes, go ahead and complain about dolphins. sign the freaking petition. but you’re really not doing anything. you’re an outsider trying to tell this country that they’re wrong. you should take a long look at your own damn problems and solve those.

    and i am mostly talking to americans, since i’m from america, but i guess people from other countries might read this comment but have better habits.

  • Izzie

    Stuart Ballard, did you not see where it said they were becoming extinct? Think about that.

  • Mary

    Wow. This is not even ethical. Why would u do this and why would u just watch as the sea is filled with innocent dolphin blood. Its hard for me to comprehend…are these people human? Because real humans have actual feelings towards slaughter.

  • phil

    We kill thousands of cows for burgers because as far as we know they are sustainable and hardly endangered.

    Stuart, have you ever tried forcing some dolphins to breed? Or heard of anyone trying to do that?

    Effing moron.

  • Cassi Saari


    “We kill thousands of cows for burgers because as far as we know they are sustainable and hardly endangered.”

    The cattle industry is FAR from sustainable. One of the best things you can do for the environment is eat a vegetarian diet.

  • Dom

    Stuart, thanks for the ignorant justification. The fact that you write in defense of this is a disgrace.

    Let me break it down for you… The people of Faroe lland support an inhuman act, the senseless killing of dolphins, all in the name of a cultural tradition. It has nothing to do with agriculture, you are comparing apples to oranges. For God’s sake man, don’t try to put reason behind this by comparing it to the immoralities of industrial agriculture.

    Yes, industrial ag (specifically Big Ag) has an incredible amount of immoral practice interwoven in it’s ways, but it is a much larger discussion. With a world population of several BILLION, I’m not surprised the industrial food chain has resorted to an “assembly” line methodology for procuring and preparing it’s meats. I am a proponent for eating less meat and more produce. Although, the worldwide diet is built with meat as a staple so there is a larger ‘supply’ issue at hand.

    Overall, the dolphin killing is done for pure recreation, a cultural tradition that the people do not require in order to survive. Industrial agriculture is a larger web of complexity that is tied to human need.

    Please do not dilute the conversation by making weak arguments.

    Oh and a little post script for ya too, re: your statement about the people of faroe lland being “people of the oceans – just like surfers”, I am a surfer and a waterman and I would NEVER kill a dolphin for any reason. Using that as a justification is pure ignorance. Think about it…

  • Jesswa

    Wow, seriously those people needs to be disciplined. This is sickening. What kind of people are these guys? Seriously, this is not normal in any way 😐

  • donut

    i’m neutral on this. i would just let it be, but i won’t support it.

    you guys gotta do some research before mindlessly following everything this thing says. this event occurs every year for as long as there were inhabitants on the island. they kill the dolphins and distribute the blubber and meat to the people. think about it. this happens once a year and it helps supply the people with these resources AND they may put it on the market and ship it (they probably do), contributing to the island’s economy.

    you guys are all caught up with the “oh the gore! oh there’s no compassion! oh!” there’s is a technique where they try to end the whale’s life as quickly as possible. the hunters go for the blood vessels that supply the brian. that’s why there are those cuts on the head. wanna know what’s inhumane? cutting off the fins and letting it drown in its own blood. “oh! the thick hooks!” can you think of a better way to kill a dolphin? they corral them and push them to shore. sometimes the dolphins get beached. in which case, hunters cut the blood vessels. however, sometimes the dolphins are too far in the water. how else are you gonna get the dolphin closer to shore to finish the job?

    extinct? hardly. in 1989, it was estimated that there were 780,000 pilot whales (calderon is a type of pilot whale). hell, this link says there are over a million of em in the wild. this tradition dates back to the 1500’s. that means the population of pilot is sustainable WITH this annual slaughter. “Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin Calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near extinction.” please… really? false facts to make an even sappier story?

    “oh! but it’s intelligent!” so if this was a massacre of less intelligent beings, it won’t be as important?… plus, if they are intelligent, they’re probably doing fine in the wild. unlike the panda *cough*

    killing an animal and bringing it back to your home sounds like a man to me. from the photos of the supporters on the beach cheering the hunters on, this looks like a very deep tradition and is part of the island’s identity. some1 previously said, “oh but there are better traditions.” are u serious? “let’s adopt another culture’s tradition because it’s ‘better.'”

    “oh! the beautiful blue ocean! oh nooooes!” c’mon.. it’s not like the the dolphins are bleeding oil back into the ocean. some1 needs to grow up a lil and accept the fact that nature can be unforgiving and cruel. hippos sometimes trample their own babies. when wild cats lose their young, they switch from mother-mode to survival-mode as if their young never existed.

  • miles

    hey you know it is their ritual thing to become a man in that part of the world so thats like telling a jewish person they can have there little turning into a man party thing or teling you to stop practicing your religon,it is cruel but come on ppl this is their country and their ritual so let it go

  • yur face

    wtff is wrong with you
    people why are people killin whales
    thats just wrong the earth should be in peacce you dont see the whales freakin kilin you guys like other comment bout how the oceans hould be blue and ful if life and not read full of death thats right
    whats wrong with you people
    i cant belive you guys could just do that to a harmless mammal D:<
    im only 13 and and this a disgrace whut u guys did .

  • howard

    Thank you for your comments. This article is closed now.

    If you want to discuss this subject further please use our forum at

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