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A few weeks ago I was sent a link to a preview for a product which is soon to be released in the UK. Intrigued, I found myself on the homepage of the Wavecave, and a few days later I found myself unwrapping the test model. I headed to the coast for a surf and a test run.

The concept of the Wavecave is simplistic brilliance – a surfboard bag which also doubles up as a tent.

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After grabbing some lines at my local longboarding spot, I headed to the nearby dunes to grab some shots and see what the Wavecave had to offer..

I hadn’t thought about asking for some instructions or even looking at the site for some clues, however constructing the Wavecave was as simple as the concept itself – within a minute or so it was up and pegged in – a couple of zips and it was done.

The finished article

The basis of the construction is to fold out the board bag flat, then in a pocket on the side is an arch – this opens up into the roof and the base is simply zipped around the circumference of the bag.

It’s also surprisingly good quality, with a high degree of manufacturing. As a board bag it’s solid. It’s made from durable yet light weight materials and all the straps, buckles and stitching are of really high quality. It’s well padded and comes with all the little pockets and divides you’d expect from a travel bag. You can tell the Wavecave guys are surfers, making a grass-roots product with some genuine thought.

As a tent, the fiberglass poles are solid yet light and the weatherproof canvas looks like it will take some serious abuse. In fact there’s very little – if anything – that I can fault.

When it’s launched in August the Wavecave will come in a variety of colours and sizes.

For those of you who travel with a quiver there’s the option of the 6’8 Triple, which can accommodate:

3 x shortboards
2 x shortboards and 1 x semi gun
2 x shortboards and 1 x kite
4 x boards to suit

If you need even more room/size there’s also the 7’8 Triple;

3 x mini mals or
2 x shortboards and 1 x gun
2 x shortboards and 2 x kites
4 x board to suit

For the rest of us there’s the standard 6’8 Double which can take two shortboards.

The folded board bag

The Double retails at £180 with the Triple at around £200. That’s pretty competitive with many of the travel bag setups out there.

Wavecave say that it will sleep two – obviously with plenty of leg room depending on your board bag size – but I think the better option is that you could happily sleep one, with your boards safely tucked up next to you.

For all you nomadic surfers who head to Indo, Morocco or even to our own shores the Wavecave is an excellent product, in place of an expensive camper van conversion.

While lightening your load, the Wavecave means wherever you take your board you also take your accommodation, so it’s perfect for those sporadic trips.

The only addition I’d like to see would be a double skin so that it can function as a proper tent, hopefully that will be incorporated at some point.

So whether you need a place to crash while surfing or simply want somewhere to store your stuff on a day trip to the beach, the Wavecave is a great solution.

Head on over to and start planning your next trip.

The Wavecave means wherever you take your board you also take your accommodation


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