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Surfing in Germany? Surf films for a German audience? These are a some of the bemused questions which come up when Sam tells people from abroad about Surffilmfestivals in Germany.

But there is a huge audience and a massive surf culture bubbling under the surface in Germany – despite the country being largely landlocked. In particular the cities of Cologne, Hamburg and Munich lead the charge for the surf scene, here you will find vast swathes of people who are mad keen on surfing and following that scene on the big screen.

Drift, ever the champion of the surfing diversity, has teamed up to support the Cologne Surf Film Festival. So if you happen to be popping through Germany in the coming weeks, here is exactly what you can expect from Sam and the team…

Check out the full line up by visiting

If you can’t wait to submerge yourself in the culture, below is the best of the best from Germany and its burgeoning surf scene…


An unsurfed monster wave in Europe?


Surf fin aims to tackle ocean waste head on


Headache – Cold water surf at its finest


Surfing Munich’s English Garden

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