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Surfcity “We Are Antonyms” art expo

Surfcity “We Are Antonyms” first multidisciplinary art exhibition: surf vs. city.

• Two opposite concepts –surf & city- come together for first time in a collective art exhibition.
• National and international new talents show their personal point of view of this lifestyle.

Barcelona, June 21 2013. – Surfing is on the crest of the wave worldwide. People from all over the world are addicted to this lifestyle that has become something more than a sport because of the magical feelings you get by practicing it. Surf is trendy. Surf is all around.

Surfcity “We Are Antonyms”

Surfcity is a collective art exhibition of all kinds of artistic disciplines such as photography, fashion, art direction, design and illustration. Relevant national and international artists/surfers put together their work to collaborate on this event. Surfcity aims to show -through art- how surfing helps one to survive in the city -as a metaphor of the daily routine.

Surfcity is an itinerant movement which is born to become an artistic referent in the surf world. The exhibition will remain opened from next June 27th 2013 until July 4th 2013, in Barcelona in the gallery “Mutuo centro de arte” (Calle Julià Portet 5, Bajos 1 y 2 / The opening party will be on June 27th at 7:00pm -with the attendance of the artists/surfers- with audiovisual projections, dj set, two surf-related books launch, material raffle and, of course, an ocean of beer to enjoy.

Surfcity “We Are Antonyms” is product of two artistic projects born in Barcelona and Byron Bay (Australia), and both deeply influenced by the surf culture: Agua de Surf and Chapter.

· Agua de Surf starts in 2010 as a white canvas open to creativity in the surfing world. A place where to express the creative pulse arising from surfing in many ways: photography, fashion, art direction, design and illustration. It goes far away from devastating influence of surfing industry.

Agua de Surf represents classical surfing times:

· Chapter is an international collective of emerging art committed to children education progress in developing countries.

Surfing: A lifestyle taking over cities

Surf is no longer a minority 60’s Californian hippies sport. After some decades surf has become a big industry and a multimillionaire business. Nowadays, it is part of the society and harmoniously cohabitates with crowded cities plenty of industries and services. “Urban versus rural, natural”. Surf survives to this expected agony and creates a unique space in the middle of this concrete landscape.

From remote and exotic Hawaiian beaches, surf has made his way through the most Cosmopolitan cities in the world: New York, Sidney, Río de Janeiro, and also Barcelona some years ago. Surfing is living a sweet moment in Barcelona. The city beaches are crowded with surfers when the Mediterranean Sea awakes and brings some swell to the city. It is usual to find people crossing the city with their surfboard under the arm; walking on a synchronized procession to their particular “Mecca”: the beach. Citizens escaping away from daily routines, monotony, work stress, traffic jam, dirty streets, general depression and the boring crisis. Citizens eager to practice a sport which blows their minds and takes them straight to paradise for some seconds -the time of riding a wave. Surf helps to escape from reality in the big cities, and let us go back to a natural lifestyle and self-awareness about happiness and life.

Artists/surfers list of Surfcity “We Are Antonyms” Barcelona 2013:

· Christian Beltri (Conspiracy Studio)

· Jan Latussek aka Gorilla Division

· Kimfrancis

· Antonio Muñoz von Furstenberg

· Naiara Goikoetxea

· Asier Triguero

· Angela Alonso “Savage Girl”


· Jorge Hunt

· 27 mm / Mar Blanco

· Sina Mejías

· Sergio Soldado

· Flamasurf

· Mariana Mizarela

· Alex Santafé

· Noelia Torres

· Pablo Ballester

· Tony Araya

· Javier Corellano

· Víctor Bensusi

· Quique Rico

· Fernando Volpini & Marc Hilari

· Guillem Bosch

· Oficina de Hechos

· Iñigo Jerez Quintana

· Eduardo G. Mon

· Lucas Milà

· Vila d Sun

· Ivan Jurado

· Fabien Cayere

· The Lucky Bastards

· Agua de Surf

Art exhibition:

Surfcity “We Are Antonyms”: Surf versus City. June 27th – July 4th 2013,

Mutuo centro de arte, c/ Julià Portet 5, Bajos 1 y 2, Barcelona.

Opening: Thursday, June 27th 2013 at 19:00h.


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