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This week we feature some awesome photos from surf photographer Olga Sinenko, a Russian now living the dream in Bali.

What made you want to become a photographer?

It has always been my hobby. I had my first analog camera since high school, bought my first digital in 2009.

In 2010 I started working in a photo studio, later – in a photo school, in order to gain some experience. My work included anything – sales, organization process, communication with clients, curation of photography groups, social media marketing, even cleaning sometimes, but not the photography itself.

Those years played a huge role in my photography life nevertheless – I know how to handle studio light, gather a crew for a photoshoot, how to work with models, etc. I was lucky to study from the best teachers, so all I know about photography and editing is due to my work in those places.

Only when I left Russia and moved to Asia in December 2012, my real path as a photographer has begun. And Bali island showed me whole new sort of a lifestyle and photography – surfing. I’ve discovered that I enjoy being in the ocean with camera most of all in my life.

What are you trying to do with your photos?

I was, and still am trying to find my style, my voice in surf photography. I try to capture surfing not as a sport, but as an art. Visual esthetic of a shot – is the most important thing in any kind of photography, as I consider. That’s why composition, colors, texture, grain, light – all these things matter to me. But much bigger aim is to make one feel something when looking at a single picture or a series of work.

So I strive to create atmosphere with my images, to capture and convey emotions.

I want my photos to be not only beautifully composed, but to mean something. It is still a challenge for me, but that’s how I stay motivated, that’s how I produce new ideas and keep my photography evolve.

Who are the people in your photos?

Some are my friends, some – just random surfers, and some – great and well known riders I was lucky to meet during few competitions in Bali.

The level of a surfer plays its role in a good shot of course, but there’s always a chance to get something beautiful and unique even with a beginner.

Where do you take your photos?

I love taking surf photos in my home spot in Bali, Canggu village. Batobolong beach is famous for its loggers with their own style. Plus, I had few surf trips in a past year, amongst them were Philippines, Maldives and Fiji Islands.

The scariest and most exiting was swimming in 10ft Cloudbrake. I could only force myself to stay in a channel, but I still get shivers as I try to recall that powerful wave.

You can find more of Olga’s work on Instagram and Facebook

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