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Earlier this week we had the pleasure of talking to surf photographer Brenton de Rooy. He has an interesting style and creates some very surreal photographs. Tell us what you think.

img_20161209_074014Why did you become a surf photographer?

I wanted to become a surf photographer to show off the natural beauty of the ocean and its surroundings to individuals that may not experience it or appreciate it.

I grew up in a small coastal town called Forster in New South Wales, Australia. I would consider the area as one of the most beautiful places in Australia and there are only surf crowds in the summer with all the tourists that come up from Sydney.

The water is crystal clear and the waves are pumping at one beach or another if you know where to look. I feel as if I am part of the ocean and want to capture its beauty in all conditions.

img_20160803_065849What are you trying to achieve with your photos?

To be Unique.

As all photographers want to be, its the biggest compliment you can get.

I have played with techniques for 5 years now and have only recently developed my own style, It came at a point where I was questioning everything and looking at so many options, then it clicked and I am absolutely frothing on the direction it is taking me now.

aaron-x-coolie-1Who are the people in the photos?

The people in the photos are friends. I don’t really shoot random people as I am not interested in shooting everyone then trying to sell them a photo, that is not what i am about. So yeah the photos are mainly of friends plus it helps especially as they are all super talented watermen.

elim-dan-mcdermitt-6Where do you take your photos?

My photography is mainly based to begin with in Forster, Australia, but now have moved to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. That is basically where I am located at the moment and it is amazing.

There are some more of Brenton’s pictures below. If you want to see the full portfolio, check out Brenton’s website and Instagram.

rainbow-bay-2_1 indonesia-13 img_20160927_075320 img_20160902_070505 img_20160816_064222 20150327-img_7430

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