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It’s that time of year when we can get excited about buying and asking for surf gear without feeling guilty. Our friends at TVSC work with British brands and have a great selection in their online store at Here are just a few ideas…

Northcore Waterproof Car Seat Cover

northcore_waterproof_sports_car_seat_cover1Is there anything worse than having to drive home in your wet gear after a surf session? It usually makes sense to take some dry stuff to change into but there is always a time when you have no choice. Avoid getting a soggy wet car seat (for days after) with this cover from Northcore. Just keep it stashed in the boot until it’s needed.

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Northcore Grass Waterproof Changing Mat and Bag

nocom02_northcore_grass_matThe Northcore Grass Mat is a heavy duty water resistant polyester changing mat, lined with 6mm of artificial grass which acts as a barrier to cold or hard ground when getting changed outdoors.

The bag folds out into a flat 1m diameter changing mat for standing on while changing, with pull up drawstrings to cinch the mat together to create a bag with handles for storing and carrying your wet kit and neatly packing it away.

The artificial grass can be kept clean of sand etc with a simple brush down after use and the whole changing mat can be hand washed with wetsuit shampoo and hung out to dry!

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Slice Fins Ultra Light Hex Core S5 Green


Set of 3 fins perfect for all round everyday use. The 8mm Hex Core construction gives maximum weight reduction and incredible strength. Comes with carry case and fin key.

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Beyond Surf Longboard Day Tripper Bag


This longboard bag from Beyond Surf has super thick 8mm protective padding to keep your log safe. Padded shoulder strap for the long walk and external pockets for fins, wax and anything else you need to stow. A solid British made surfboard bag.

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Mindless Longboards Calamari II Natural


If you fancy spending a bit of time on land (or have no choice) then maybe Santa can bring you a new longboard. There’s some sweet graphics on this board from the ever popular Mindless.

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Dryrobe Advance


Dryrobe is an all weather change robe and is one serious bit of kit.

Ideal for changing sports clothing or wetsuits outdoor, Dryrobe has a waterproof & windproof exterior fabric & a lining that dries you & keeps you warm.

The design allows plenty of room to pull your arms in through the sleeves & get changed inside it. You can get a wetsuit, swim or tri kit, on or off, easily, while staying warm, dry & fully protected from the elements.

Other features include, soft lined external pockets, large internal storage pocket & phone / MP3 player pocket.

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Blank Surfboards Burger Meister


The Blank Burger Meister is the ultimate small wave shortboard. Goes well in mush and is faster than you might expect with a flat rocker, wide tail and surprisingly curvy plan.

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Ideal for beginner through to expert on waves of 1ft to 3ft

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