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Ted Baker, the British designer brand, knows a thing or two about the finer things in life so when he stumbled upon Gulfstream surfboards in the Finisterre London store he knew he had to have one, well not one but eight actually. Before the Devon company knew it they were snowed under working night and day for the British fashion magnate.

Button up: The Ted Baker boards have a button sunk into the glass

Button up: The Ted Baker boards have a button sunk into the glass

Well that isn’t quite the truth, but it really isn’t far off. For one, Ted Baker as a person doesn’t really exist. The brains behind the operation Ray Kelvin didn’t want to lend his name to the business when they first started out in case it went bankrupt. So Ted Baker the name and the legend was born. Luckily his fears of failure couldn’t be further from the truth with the UK brand going on to become an FTSE 250 listed company with stores across the globe and over 8000 employees.

He was so impressed with the Gulfstream he knew he had to have them for Malibu

When North Londoner Ray was checking out Finisterre’s new store in central London’s Covent Garden (apparently Ray likes to keep well abreast of all goings on in the area) he was so impressed with the Gulfstream boards he knew he had to have them for his forthcoming Malibu store which opens on 16 October.

Classic style meets classic shapes

The Urchin board has handkerchief silk material glassed into the tail

“It seems he was looking for something quintessentially British to show off his Malibu store” Jools the owner of Gulfstream told us

“So we built eight unique bespoke boards that really exhibit the finer things of English life” he added

The Braunton manufacturer, who have been shaping boards for well over 20 years, crafted the eight limited editions featuring London patterns and prints to the brands specifications.

Flat-top: One of the boards destined to be a table

Flat-top: One of the boards destined to be a table

Tragically these beauties are destined to never experience the barrels, bails and breaks that we all know and love as they will only adorn the Malibu shop as tables and wall displays. But luckily the Gulfstream boys couldn’t resist the designs and have already embarked on recreating some of the shapes and styles for their own enjoyment.

The design of the store references old-style word games and quirky British sayings with an undertone of America’s 1950s surf culture served up in English style. Bespoke furniture made of melded surfboards hosts the latest collections and artisan blown glass light installations line the ceiling.

To find out more about the full range Head of Board sales and IT at Gulfstream, Anthony Merret gives us the full run down below.

Ted’s Quiver… See the list underneath for the lowdown

1 & 2. Two 5’0 ft table boards – no special materials used, however they are completely flat on the top; they are going to be used as tables. Resin tinted and polished, with cloth patch details and one single fin. They have quite hard rails and a hull bottom, and we all think they would be mega fun to surf. Jools and myself were the most amped and Jools is shaping another one for us to try out! It’s going to be exactly the same – flat deck, same rails and bottom contours, and one single fin in.

3. A 5’10 ft Twin fin keel. Resin tinted and polished, and features some pin lines on the deck. It has a fabric inlay on the fins, which is actually material from a men’s suit. When working with any fabric inlay, we use a number of testers to see if the resins will make the colours run or bleed etc. All the tests were fine, but when it came to doing it on the board, it completely changed the colour of the fabric! It changed the grey to a really dark grey and brought out the blue, but it didn’t change the pattern which was a relief.

4. 6’0 ft Urchin with a handkerchief silk material tail inlay which was gloss and polished. Above the silk inlay is an airbrushed fade from dark up towards the nose, which had a matte finish.

5. 6’6 Sea Wolf with a silk inlay from the inside of a suit. Above the inlay was resin tinted gloss and polished finish, with cloth patch details. We also sunk a fishing hook and feather in to the board, just by the Ted Baker logo. On the underside was a hand written quote, in white posca pen.

6. 6’6 Sea wolf. A floral silk inlay and a quote printed on the stringer on the underside. A very subtle tint and a gloss and polished finish.

7. A 7’4 Van Weyden. A deep tinted board, with a cracked white paint and a scrubbed gold leaf effect on both the tail of the deck and underside. The board also had some quotes printed on too. Jools had a real soft spot for this board in particular and as challenging as it was to create, he said it was one of the nicest boards to have ever left the factory!

8. An 8ft table, same as boards 1 &2.


If you want to find out more, head over to Gulfstream here

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