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In 2009 I was still working in a retail job when I met a guy who I fell deeply in love with. He was a surfer. His way of life intrigued and inspired me. He lived and breathed surfing and his life was the ocean. We immediately moved in together in a seaside town in northern NSW, Australia. I started going up the beach every day, immersing myself in the turquoise ocean, becoming one with the sea. A few months after moving in, my lover arrived home with a surfboard on the roof of his car with a ribbon tied around it. My Christmas present was a 7’6 minimal and from that moment on I was in the water every day. We were living the ultimate sea existence – or so I thought. A year later we broke up and I moved back home to my island state to regain my sense of self and to heal.

She is the kind of woman that immediately lights up any room and makes every single person feel special

Back home, I started spending more and more time with my family, in particular with my mum, whom I am exceptionally close to. My mother has always been my inspiration – a strong, courageous and resilient woman with grace and an inner beauty all rolled into one. She is the kind of woman that immediately lights up any room and makes every single person feel special, no matter who they are. So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012 my whole world fell apart. In the months to follow, throughout mum’s treatment, I was to face many emotions within myself. In those few short months, after much soul searching and many conversations with mum, I realised the shortness of life, the importance of health and the effects that stress plays on our human life. So upon mums recovery I made a decision to throw caution to the wind. To pack up the life I knew of the 9-5, collect my few belongings into the back of my car and hit the road, northbound for a life of freedom by the sea.

Soul Surfing Emma-Jane Eeles

I feel blessed in the knowing that I have a whole day to live and to play

Moving towards the unknown was not scary, but in fact exhilarating.  I started house and petsitting. I bought my first ever longboard and experienced a deep connection with the sea, that I am now, three years later, blessed with every single day. As the sun rises over the sea each morning, I feel blessed in the knowing that I have a whole day to live and to play, to meet new people and connect with them on a deeper level, having time to listen and to share stories and experiences. I completed my Bronze Medallion and became a Level 1 surf instructor because I wanted to share my stoke of the sea and surfing with others.  I taught myself to sew and now have a little hobby designing and creating surfboard covers. For me now, life is simple and through this simplicity I feel gratitude towards Mother Nature, the sea and humanity. But most importantly to my parents for the beautiful beginning I had to life and the grounding that now serves me today to live a life I love.

A wise woman once told me always listen to my gut instinct, to follow my heart and to do no harm to others. I am proud up say that woman was my mother. I am even prouder to say that I live through this advice every day. I hope you too find what your heart truly desires, and if like me you connect with the sea, then I hope you will feel gratitude always for the sea life.

bio3Words by Emma-Jane Eeles: Lady slider, longboarder and logger

“I love anything to do with the sea, especially surfing.  I grew up on an island off the bottom of Australia and was always surrounded by the ocean. To me, surfing is where I write my poetry on the waves, drawing lines as I move with the rhythm of the swell. I love immersing myself in the salty goodness every single day & find peace & simplicity in this ocean lifestyle. I value my family & friends, Mother Nature, freedom, health and wellbeing. I hope you, the readers, will resonate from a soul perspective with my stories of the sea.”

To find out more visit Emma-Jane’s Sea and Sew page


Soul Surfing Emma-Jane Eeles

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