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Since you live in the most important surf spot in Argentina, do you think we need some improvement to the infrastructure?

A city that claims to be the surfing capital of the country has the deficiency of not having a decent public transport system for the surfer. When I was young I could surf when my parents decided to go to the beach or if i grabbed my bike, or if the bus allowed you to get on with the board. Now things are really different and if you are far from the beach… you are basically screwed. Some beaches understood the need of a change and now they have a decent and secure parking, a hot shower and some places to eat decent food. But they are in the minority. I think the people responsible still have not found the way to market the city and build the infrastructure to make this area a world-class spot, which in turn brings back good money and becomes self-perpetuating.

Sebastian Chacon

How do you organise your Radio Show? Do you have a script or do you just put on air what you think is remarkable during the week?

For the music, we divide the selection with my partner and friend Adrian (who has an amazing vinyl collection) because we have the same music taste. We love the basic American rock, soul and funk. The show consists of three well structured hours and after that we are free to improvise. We always try to give space to art, trying to interview people who are really artists. In these times with a cell phone and an app you are photographer, videographer or writer. Keeping legitimacy as an artist genuine, is the most important and hardest thing to achieve.

As far as surfing goes we don’t want to keep it as the main topic because it’s too much and it could be boring. We want to show other things besides the tournaments and WSL.

Professional surfing vs soul surfing: are we losing the essence of surfing due to commercialisation?

I think not, because pro surfing in Argentina is only reserved for a few guys. In my opinion, a pro surfer should behave accordingly and they should be prepared to be a decent influence for the youngsters. A pro surfer fighting at the shore has lost all respect. Regarding soul surfing, I think the essence is intact. When your friends call and tell you: ‘it’s a big swell , bro! I will be at your door in 20 minutes’. That is the essence of soul surfing. Pro and soul surfing can coexist with no problems though.

Sebastian Chacon

Who are your favourite shapers?

Let me think… Renato Tiribelli is a craftsman and I really like Uva Crego. All of the boards he shapes work really well and he listens to what the customer wants. In my opinion, visiting a shaper is like visiting a doctor – you tell him what you want or what you need and you must trust in his advice. Lito Antifora is another great shaper with the heritage of his father. Pepe Gil is pure experience and Nani Pagliardini is another great one.

Why do you surf?

I surf basically because I love the ocean. I’ve always had a strong bond with the sea. I always see surfers from the shore and it is a strong image. Once I was playing at the shore and I saw a guy ripping a nice right and that image stayed with me forever!!  Surf is challenging you all the time, it never gets boring and if starts to get boring, you just change your board shape. Beside that, you can feel and look at the city from another perspective. The world needs more surf, beyond championships, prizes and photos. With surfing life is just easier to bear!!!


Sebastian Chacon

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