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The surf-travel-misadventures of Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson.

Volume One California- Baja – Mexico –Central America

Naughton and Peterson are the truth. Without immunisation, spare GoPro batteries or Google maps they headed out into the world and recorded the virgin paths and peaks along the way. The pair has been everywhere, too many places, in fact, to get into a single edition, so we start with the Americas. Here in their first book is a collection of unique images and tales from their first forays south.


But in the golden age of surf exploration, when all surfing beyond your home peak was ‘exploration’ the duo set out after college with unrealistic plans and almost no way of knowing what lay ahead of them.

“In the 70’s, when global surf trips really took off the rest of the world had choice words for surf travellers: bums, black sheep, dropouts”

The pair drove in their cantankerous camper van due south along dusty roads and riverbeds, just following the compass and the horizon. Luckily for us they took a camera, bags of 35mm Kodachrome and, with the support of Surfer magazine, we get to relive those halcyon days of Central American surf exploration in their new book.


“Time has a way of glossing over the rough patches. Hellacious trips transform into heroic journeys”

Peterson’s images of the life on the road and boiling blue seas blend perfecting with the wit and gentle humour of Naughton’s words. They explored Californian in the earlier 70s before girding their loins and crossing the border. The worries and concerns of those young men speak as truly today as 40 years ago

“What to do?

  1. Get a steady job, steady girlfriend, steady place to live
  2. Dive into the academic life of college, avoid most of the above
  3. Go to Central America and avoid all of the above”


Two pages later we’re in camping in Baja with that most iconic of images – the right peak from the orange tent. An picture repeated ad infinitum in hipster Instagrams.

Paddling out at beaches without any forward knowledge from Facebook, guidebooks or google must had been as thrilling as it was terrifying. The local fear of the Pacific would have been only basis of preparation, yet Peterson donned his fins and swam out.

Search for the perfect wave will have you dreaming of lost secrets and lost youth. Now go out there and find your own adventure even if it’s just in Wales.

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