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I am extremely proud and excited to announce that I am currently a volunteer crew member aboard the Sam Simon for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Zero Tolerance campaign.

Captain Paul Watson, founder and director of Sea Shepherd, recently revealed our vessel – the newest ship to the Sea Shepherd fleet – to the world, after remaining undercover for many months in preparation for the 2012/2013 Antarctica campaign. We are now stationed in Hobart, Tasmania, and it is here we will stay until our departure South in hot pursuit of illegal whalers exploiting our oceans, targeting minke whales, as well as endangered fin whales, under the guise of scientific research whaling.

It is our sole purpose to protect those whales, and that the whalers return home, if they indeed leave Japan at all, without having harmed or hunted a single whale from this designated safe haven – the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

It’s an honour and a privilege to be here, and a role I don’t take lightly. I feel blessed to be part of a dedicated and passionate organisation, and specifically to be on board with an experienced and competent crew. It’s the greatest opportunity to directly help the conservation of our oceans and whales, a cause I’ve been passionate about for many years. I wholeheartedly feel that now is the time for action.

You can stay up to date with the campaign at and show your support by donating and spreading the word. Please visit for a more personal account of my Sea Shepherd experience. Any donations received through will also help go toward my travel funds and are greatly appreciated.

I feel confident that the 2012/2013 Zero Tolerance campaign will be 100% successful and thanks to Sea Shepherd, there will not be one single whale hunted or killed. We will soon be able to celebrate the end of illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary with Antarctica being free of the Japanese whaling fleet for good.

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  • kw86

    That’s great! Best of luck with the campaign!

    My great hope is that you succeed and all the whales can enjoy their life in the ocean, undisturbed by human greed and aggression.

    Keep up the good work! XOXO

    @Ryohei Uchida
    Seriously? It’s killing whales that is a very serious and violent offence! And the issues against Paul Watson is politically motivated bullshit a child would figure out.

    Sustainable operation?? Commercial whaling is BANNED because of danger it poses. Even the Japanese whalers cannot officially admit these are actual whaling operation, having to pretend this is just “research”.

    Give me a break…

  • robert Tarzwell

    keep up the good work Natalie dont let any of these paid japan hit web idiots sway you in any way ,

    go sea shepard . ps I would hardly call rotten butter ACID

  • Sun Wu

    Dear Mr Watson,

    Germany is know to be one of the liveliest Democracies wolrdwide.

    We are said to have one of the best media-landscapes, which can be directly linked to DEMOCRATIC prinicipals.

    I am proud of being part of one of the lieveliest and greenest democracies worldwide.

    I kindly ask any journalist providing you with a stage to inform him/herself about your person prior publishing your thoughts.

    You are know to permanently change your attitude towards what is matching your present goal best. At the moment you are trying to make Japan look like pathetic loosers…your strategy can be called anything but INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT-MANAGEMENT.

    But even this is matching, since it is not your main goal to stop whaling-activities in the southern Ocean but to mobilize funding.

    By the way, it was one of the earliest of your accusations against Greenpeace…dying seals would be used mainly for this purpose.

    Whaling in Japan would be ended by now if you wouldn’t havepermanently been pouring oil into Japanese counsciousness.

    Even though you claim having sent Japanese Whalers home with only a forth or of fifth of the originally intended catch for a number of years by now Japanese Warehouses are still FULL of Whalemeet.

    Japan does NOT want Whalemeat anymore which is a direct result of the successful Greenpeace-Anti-Whaling campaign IN Japan!

    Unfortunately you make it impossible for Japan to stop Whaling wihtout them loosing their face. Loosing your face is an important issue in Asian culture.

    I would like to take the opportunity to make you personally responsible for each single KILLED whale in the Southern Ocean of the previous years. Without you and your completly unlegitized ways of practise THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY WHALING IN THE SOUTHERN OCEAN IN 2012!

    To show the world and GERMANY your ability of bending I would like to draw attention towards Seashepherds proposal to China offering to patrol Senkaku Islands in the name of CHINA.

    What you are doing can only be called INTERCULTURAL DESASTER TV on the backs of poor whales in order to finance your obsessions dated back to the year 1977.

    I kindly ask you to WITHDRAW from the Southern Ocean in order to finall allow an Asian culture to save its face…and to stop whaling.

    Sun Wu

    PS: who is mainly involved in shark-finning which you pretend wanting to end? I thought I had heard China being the market for fins…really amazing, your proposal to China!

  • Sun Wu

    “…Sales of whale meat crash in Japan…”

    Mr. Watson, you claim to send Japanese whalers home early for a number of years now with only a quarter or a fifth of annual quata being caught. Whale meat should be rare, and extremely EXPENSIVE!

    The opposite is the case, up to one third of annual catches are given away for free because nobody in Japan is buying whalmeat.

    I am asking you: do you have any explaination?

    Sun Wu

    PS: I would call it excellent work of GREENPEACE love to hear this, correct?

  • Ryohei Uichida

    Uh oh. Natalie, if you are in Hobart you must be on former Seifu Maru ship. Already revealing Sea Shepard secrets yes? Maybe they will put you off ship for breaching security. I hope so for your sake. I have daughter your age and I understand young people can make big mistake. Please, I know you are misguided but get off that ship if not too late. We knew Sea Shepard was trying to buy former Seifu Maru so we planned little joke. Japanese Government has hidden controller on board! Once former Seifu Maru leaves port we will take over control and send ship at top speed back to Japan. Then entire crew will be transferred max security detention center in Tokyo.

  • Rasta

    Hi Uchida.

    “legally sanctioned and ecologically sustainable whaling operation.”

    You have got to be bloody kidding.

    What the Japanese dickheads are doing is exploiting a legal loophole. you dont have to do the same research every year. this is the 21st century and we are not idiots to believe in rogue research. get real.

    ask them to go back to Japan and wait for a Tsunami.. they need one.

    no offense.

  • Liam

    Hi All,

    Especially Sea Shepherd… keep up the good work!

    Uchida-San, in what way are the Sea Shepherd discredited? I see a group that is going from strength-to-strength. Every year they are getting stronger and exploring more areas of conservation and media awareness of the plight of the seas…. and EVERY year I see the Japanese whale fleet bring less whale meat home for a diminished trade. Had not the Japanese government spent Tsunami money restoring the fleet, then this supposed “Research” would be finished.

    As for the “Acid” attack… please look up, Butyric acid ( is basically rancid butter. So stop with the nonsense and crying woe-is-me.

    Captain Watson (Though I think of him more of a Commodore as he has more than one ship under his command) is in a bit of a sticky legal situation, Interpol wise, but that’s for the lawyers to sort.

    Legally sanctioned the killing of whales may-be… reprehensibly immoral is what I call it.
    Natalie, I wish you the very best, stay safe and have a wonderful trip.

    P.S. No I don’t work for Sea Shepherd… wish I did

  • D. Martinez

    Eco Terrorists is correct.

  • charles manson

    I order all my followers of the family to do “your thing” and eliminate the threat

  • Matthew Williams

    Ryohei Uchida – you clearly are a Whale slaughter supporter. Perhaps you should watch some episodes of Whale Wars before saying this stuff as it doesnt sound like the Sea Shepherd I know. Acid… hmmm… the soap you wash your face with each day probably is as Acidic as the Beuteric Butter…

    Sorry but nobody is listening to a crazy Japanese person who supports the Whaling when the whole world is AGAINST THE JAPANESE govt on this issue.

  • Ryohei Uchida also seems to be working all of the news board as I have read other comments recently posted. My guess is that you are associated DIRECTLY via private or gov’t, Japan waging you smear campaign. Lovely. One thing about freedom of speech is you get the chance to put your foot (or both if you want) in your mouth.

    I will tell you this; if violence against humans is what it takes to stop this until more studies can be conducted then so be it, sign me up I am ready to die slowly and violently this moment. It will stop.

    Ugh-humm, Ryohei with all of the love in the world how could you support this kind of act unless you have a vested interest?

  • I forgot to mention. For those of you out there on the fence let’s take a look at the “data” they are bringing in, in the name or “research” shall we? I’d like to direct your attention to: Translate it and look at the real important data they have published. None of its new, it’s all repetitive babble about the different kinds of krill and it’s properties as well as a bunch of other bourgeois fill text. No breaking discoveries. Smells like a company that wants to make more money.

    All I can say is you folks better start looking for another job. People are passionate about whales as it is, throw in the Red Hot Chili Peppers ( we all heard, thanks and come to Oregon soon) and it’s over you watch. If it doesn’t stop soon the world will stop waiting to see what happens and get involved demanding immediate action. Is Paul Watson perfect? No. But he is right about stopping this until we have more knowledge.

  • robert Tarzwell

    to Ryohei Uichida do you realy think anyone would belive japan knew sea sheapard was buying the ship and even less belivable that they planted a secert device that would power the ship back to japan at the higest speed , bull poop would it not be easy to turn the fuel valve or shut down the power . Now that you have shown us how stupid you are and how far you will go to hit on sea sheaprd go back to your paid job of trolling the inter net and adding dumb statments about sea shepards and let them get on with the job of stopping whaling.
    go paul get them good this time , ps 4 ships in a semi ark side by side even 500 yards behind the mother ship would shut them down as they could not slip in and unload there lilegal catch. and not upset anyone but the japan whaling empire.

  • I strongly advise that all read this article;

  • Lori Stevens

    IF THE OCEANS DIE…WE DIE. It’s as simple as that. Kill our oceans and 12/21/12 will REALLY HAPPEN.
    Think people, think!

  • Roberto Argenzio

    Uchida you are a shame for mankind! Go sea shepherd and fight for those innocent whales.