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fomunderwaterI’m still amidst the summer chaos. The beaches are a hive of aqua activity once again – some days it can turn me away from the repetitive motions of surfing. But I can usually find solitude at first light or dusk out the front at my local; I kinda like zipping under the radar.

And when the conditions are right, I like chasing the underwater show, armed with my camera and swim fins.

I put in a lot of hours watching waves, and have infinite patience when choosing for the conditions ahead, but I light myself up when I embrace simplicity. I find it most rewarding.

Me, myself and I are one of the best pieces of my quiver.


Take away everything and it’s just me, with my own rails and fins.

I may not be the prettiest shape in the world, but I get the job done!

I heartily suggest you try it, that’s if you haven’t already. Underwater time is just one of the many things we have in common…

Like the embarrassing nose dribble that happens when you’re at the supermarket and the check out girl looks at you in disgust, or perhaps with a genuine twinge of sympathetic embarrassment – but who’s embarrassed?

I love the fact that I have been mingling with the saltwater for hours and opening my eyes and it’s my secret. But she just thinks I’m disgusting… and maybe I am! I can taste the salt on my lips and find seaweed and sand in my hair. (Those are the bits they leave out of that surfer-look hair produce.)

But it will be gone soon, and then all I have is those stolen moments I keep on my hard drive.

Til next time around.


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