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aquamna_thumThe ‘Aquaman Crystal’ invented by a team from the University of Southern Denmark can absorb and store oxygen
A bucket of the synthesized crystalline is enough to absorb the oxygen in a room. Not only could the invention be a breakthrough for water users, but it could also herald huge change in lung patients – avoiding the need for heavy oxygen tanks.

It may be sometime before divers can leave their bulky equipment at home and instead pack a small pot of the Aquaman substance, but it is felt that the implications of the discovery could be very far-reaching.

On the University website Professor Christine McKenzie said “Divers may one day be able to leave the oxygen tanks at home and instead get oxygen from this material as it “filters” and concentrates oxygen from surrounding air or water. A few grains contain enough oxygen for one breath.”

For more information visit the University of Southern Denmark website




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