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salty_thumbThere is something truly captivating about the way a surfer gazes out into the ocean, completely in tune with the sound of each crashing wave and the smell of the misty salt air hovering over the water. It’s as though one suddenly becomes adrift, lost in the mystery of the sea.

[pullquote]It’s impossible to deny the sense of awe that humbles any ocean dweller[/pullquote]

This connection to the ocean – the feeling that pulls us back again and again – lies deep within the hearts and minds of those who listen to its beckoning call. It’s impossible to deny the sense of awe that humbles any ocean dweller when in the presence of the sea. But there is also something else – that feeling of being home – a sense of comfort, of freedom, of belonging.



[pullquote]The waves offer an opportunity to bring a greater purpose to life[/pullquote]

As a result, the ocean is a witness to a unique and diverse community of individuals brought together by a common love for the sea. The waves offer an opportunity to be creative and playful, to challenge ourselves, to share memories with friends and loved ones, and to bring a greater purpose to life. And as with anything we hold dear, there also stems a desire to protect and care for the things that hold a special place in our hearts.

This sense of community is the premise behind the creation of a new magazine – Salty at Heart. It is a collection of thoughts and images from all manner of people scattered across the globe, each united by a zest for life. Whether it’s expressed in their art, music, travels, surfing, humour, or thoughtful actions, each person contributes a little bit of magic to this salty collective. Salty at Heart Magazine features mainly women, creating a space for feminine energy to shine. In our society today, much of the grace, intelligence, and compassion of women is not accurately displayed in media, so this collective brings together the voices of women to be enjoyed by all.



This bi-annual magazine was created to inspire, inform, connect, and bring lightness and laughter to this sometimes chaotic world. In turn it creates a community that extends much further than its pages.

To order your copy of the first issue of Salty at Heart Magazine, head to You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or check out Get salty!



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