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Perfection from Above was filmed in Donkey Bay, on the skeleton coast of Namibia in Africa. It is believed to be one of last true bastions of untouched surf in the world, there is certainly more than the maps might give away but the areas are isolated and often protected by the diamond mining industry.

“That place is so hard to surf, conditions are gnarly, the currents are heavy and it features big hefty drops in damn cold water, not to mention the wildlife.” Jonathan Gubbins from FTR Films told us

“We were lucky we got two days straight which is rare. Saturday and Sunday was crowded with pros from all over the world. The waves were completely insane.” He added

Donkey Bay first came to our conscience in 2008 when Surfing Magazine ran their ‘Google Earth Challenge’. Picking the winning location got you an exclusive trip to the place alongside Cory Lopez, Peter Mendia, Hank Gaskell and Mitch Coleborn.

If you are looking for long, you came to the right place…

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