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Here at Drift we love a surfing road trip so were happy when Chris Gooley reached out to tell us about his Kickstarter project, Pacifico.

Along with his buddy Christian Gibson, they have spent two years traveling from California to Patagonia, searching for empty waves and capturing everything on camera. Great footage from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua & The Galapagos and some awesome waves in Chile and Peru.

The nice thing about this journey is that it’s not just about the surfing (although is a big part of it). The guys are into fly fishing and trekking so you get a real mix of coastal and inland scenery. And it’s spectacular.

After finishing most of the editing they need to complete the post production of the film and are looking for funding via Kickstarter. As with most projects there are a number of tiers with various offers ranging from name in the credits, copies of the film, prints of some of the stunning photography, tickets to open screening and being credited as exec producer.

A big pull factor for getting involved with this project is they are promising to plant 10 trees for every copy of the film they sell. They have partnered with The Eden Projects to support the fight against deforestation in Madagascar.

As at the time of writing (with 17 days to go) the project is about 50% funded. If you want to get involved, and you should, head to their Kickstarter page.

Check out the promo video below and some of the cool photography underneath that.

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 All images credit Christian Gibson / Chris Gooley

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