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It was during a trip to Iceland in 2014 that everything went wrong for Jeremy Joyce and Rob Lockyear, the guys behind Two Eyes Film and last year’s hit surf comedy, Freezing.

But when they turned the experience of ditch-bogged cars and wasted waves into the biggest surf satire of the year, everything went very right. Their achingly funny film celebrated the concept of normal, slightly deluded people living heroic, uber-cool lifestyles and it was painfully relatable.

When I caught up with them and Joyce’s co-star, Jamie Baughan last year, they were basking in the kind of surprised glory that comes from an unexpected success. Joyce had moved to Tokyo and Lockyear to France so both were watching the film explode from different sides of the globe. Their surf mocumentary, Freezing had been shown at over 30 film festivals and today the film has almost 64 thousand views on Vimeo.

Now they’re at it again with a new project called Inside The Ride, a feature length surf mocumentary that will follow surfers from around the world in a five part comedy series. Episode one and the series’ half-hour pilot, The Outrider is booked to premier in September at the London Surf Film Fest. But they need our help to make it.

Two Eyes Films have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise £10’000 for the production of The Outrider, the story of North Shore Shaper, Mike Strident who in 1979 created the greatest board ever ridden – The Outrider. That is, until the thruster happened.

There are prizes to be won for chipping in, from a credit on the Two Eyes wall of fame to writing a one-liner that will somehow be incorporated into the film. There’s even the notorious surfboard named The Wave Fucker, made famous by the Chief in their previous film, The Shaper.

Check out or the Kickstarter campaign to find out more and support the project.

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