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The Roasting Set: Campfire cooking essentials.

The magic of OneLogFire is actually really simple: each log has been kiln-dried and prepared to burn from the inside out for up to 90 minutes of compact fire. This makes it an exceptionally easy-to-use heat and light source, without the mess of a traditional campfire set-up. OneLogFire include non-toxic fire starters that won’t flavor food, and a handle for easy carry—not while lit though!

Enjoy OneLogFire at parties and small gatherings, the product makes fires convenient and hassle free.

They are available in various guises but we took a look at the Roasting Set which comes complete with cooking sticks.


The full details are:

Two-pack including a pair of logs that are roughly 5” in diameter and 8” vertically. It also includes x2 Roasting Sticks for safe, controlled cooking.

Features: OneFireLog

  • (2) pack of kiln-dried OneLogFires
  • Each log will burn for up to 90 minutes
  • Burns from the inside out
  • Primed with non-toxic fire starters for easy kindling and zero food-flavoring
  • Twine handle for easy carriage

Features: Roasting Sticks

  • (2) pack
  • Roasting Sticks built from wood and stainless steel
  • 24” long rod for safe, controlled roasting
  • Wood handles branded with logo and include leather loop for hanging

To get your hands on the Roasting set or other OneLogFire products click here



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