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rw-hedges-openerIf you’ve had the pleasure of hearing RW Hedges then you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from, and kinda where he is! (Photos: Cheryl Davies)

RW and I first crossed paths on a musical mis-match, and at the time – being a well-educated DJ of the crate-digging variety – I had a lot more knowledge of the old school than he thought! Comparing great breaks, 7’s and songs that people don’t really care about anymore, we educated and re-educated each other to a point where we knew we were on common ground. With RW, the history and influence of the old style and days gone by isn’t some retro movement to gain recognition among industry folk, but has been his upbringing, his security, and it shows in his music.

photo-cheryl-davies‘Almanac’ is his debut album and, in my eyes at least, it sits very well in this collage industry! Trust me, you will not be disappointed – it frequents my iPod and gramophone most days. I had the pleasure of singing on some tracks, so it’s close to my heart…

To speak to the man himself, for iTunes links and tour dates check out RW on MySpace.
There’s a great review by a superb author here.

Here’s the video for ‘Abe’s Dream’ – look out for the smallest left-hander reeling at the very end…

Lunch is on me next time RW!

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