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What’s your favorite surf break?

Tea Tree, Noosa. I love it! All of the points in Noosa are amazing; it’s such a beautiful place and a dream set up. I love surfing at home as well. It’s always fun to paddle out, have a chat with friends, and just have fun.

Who do you admire?

Anyone who isn’t judgmental of others and works hard to live the life that makes them happy, not the life that other people think they should be living.

Any advice to fellow women?

If there’s something you love doing, keep on doing it! Take advice from people you respect but ultimately listen to yourself. And spend as much time outdoors as possible; it always makes you feel better.

Emily Hamilton

What brings you the most happiness?

My little family; my little girl is nearly two and I love that we’re starting to share adventures together, and I get to do all the fun things you do when you’re small all over again. And I can’t wait until she’s bigger and we can get in the sea together!

We heard that you bake yummy cakes for a café! What kinds of cakes do you bake?

Anything and everything! I love baking – I’ve got such a sweet tooth. There’s one cake I make which is a gluten-free lemon cake and apparently it’s got a pretty good following. The recipe is top secret though; I’m turning it into a legend!

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Emily Hamilton

Emily Hamilton

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